Sponsor and Create a Feature Film, "Under the Veil"


There are so many things to talk about with this project, and I’d like to keep the heavy lifting for the proposal. However, please feel free to AMA. I love talking about this stuff anyway.

The Project: “Under the Veil” Feature Film
Timeline: pre-production, production, post-production - 6 months for a December release
Amount: 200K USD

I’m Andrew Treglia, the writer and director of the film. I’ve worked in media production for almost 13 years. I started somewhat later in life, and learned filmmaking in Atlanta, GA - getting an MFA in film and digital media production in 2006 from Georgia State University. I then moved to Los Angeles, and I also do some work in the Arizona region where my daughter resides. Previously, I owned a parking management company that I also started in Atlanta. I sold the business in 2004, and it’s still going strong in the Southeast. As a filmmaker, I’ve worked on every kind of production as either a director, producer or editor for a plethora of producers including PBS and FOX. I also one had one of my pieces for a non-profit screen in-front of Congress, and on C-Span (which is ironic, I’m an anarchist). I’ve directed two feature films so far. One was a micro-budget we made in Atlanta, and the other was an absurdist documentary that I was hired to produce and direct. The documentary had a red-carpet premiere at The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, which was pretty cool. :} I am hard-working, passionate and a competent, responsible professional. I’ve learned a lot with the 1st two films, and I’m of the mind "Under the Veil"could be a cult classic.

Frank Travis is having a mid-life crisis during his horrible 40th birthday party at the office, and quits his job. He ends up in Mexico pounding booze, cocaine and prostitutes. He’s worse off than he was before. Then, he meets The Brazilian, an Ayahuasca Shaman. Frank does Ayahuasca and has a Spiritual breakthrough, but now he sees THEM. THEY are a race of Frog-Faced Aliens that walk among us, and control us unknowingly by limiting our knowledge of the universe to the five senses. THEY are in positions of power and celebrity everywhere - politicians, cops, media personalities, etc. Now, Frank hunts these vile, luciferian creatures on the streets of L.A., and knows he has to do something soon. If Agent Temojin from The Department of Domain Defense (D.O.D.D.) gets his new surveillance facility built, it could be the final noose around the neck of humanity. Are the Alien’s real, or has Frank lost his mind?

This film is a metaphor, and I believe it will be the 1st real anti-state film ever made. There’s never been a film that so directly attacks the unconscious way in which humanity organizes itself through violence and extortion.
It’s part sci-fi, part drama, part horror and part dark-comedy. It embraces the entire internet conspiracy world in a fun, but not dismissive way. It has satire characters of Anderson Cooper, David Icke, and more. There’s a great Alien satanic ritual scene at the end that is going to very memorable.
It will be an entertaining and professional output. We’re not preaching to the choir here, and the commentary is subtle. The film’s premise will draw-in audiences of all backgrounds and political persuasions that just want to see an exciting, entertaining film, but the truth of the message will be unavoidable.
We will cast actors that you’ve seen before, particularly the lead. We’re going to get great talent that’s undervalued right now. Tarantino is great at this.

First, I am a huge believer and fan of SMART. I own more SMART than any of my other crypto investments. I also plan on running 2 nodes through node supply (I’m not a coder) after I get this proposal done.

  1. Publicity - I believe we will be the 1st crypto community to fund a feature film. There’s been some one-off ICO’s, but not a specific crypto funding a whole film. I’m not 100% sure of this, but it doesn’t matter. Once we get this film done - and it will be good - it should be a huge publicity win. We’re going to get so much press from this, and are going to be recognized as the cool crypto that funds cool shit.
    We have to be careful not to advertise in the actual piece, but we are going to track matte the SMART CASH logo onto a billboard on Hollywood Blvd in the film. That has to happen.
  2. Promotion - During the production, we’re going to make a behind-the-scenes making-of “Under the Veil” web series. The crew and the cast we’ll be the characters, and there’s SO MUCH excitement and drama on the set of an indie film - directing the actors, the performances, overcoming daily obstacles, fighting with the DP to get a shot, etc. For this, we’re going to brand, brand, brand everywhere. Also, you guys will be able to keep up on the progress with 2-3 episodes/week.
  3. Payback - For each $5000 we earn on the film, we’re going to produce a SMART CASH promotional/educational video up to the 1st 200k in receipts. This is potentially 40 videos, and I’d like to have the community pitch ideas for these so that we can get a future production schedule together. Does anybody have any thoughts on the best way to do this?
    There are other branding opportunities here that will be in the proposal. Also, we will have screenings, premiere parties, etc, that you guys will all be invited of course.

Among other things, the full script will be in the proposal if anyone wants to read it. We’d love the feedback as well.
This film could really move the needle, much like they did in the seventies with some of those great films. Humanity needs to wake up, and the truth of this is undeniable. I’m going to make this film no matter how, but it just makes sense that it would be with our currency and our community. I hope you agree.
I also want to include the community in this production. If you’re in filmmaking in any way, let us know what your skill sets are.
Anarchapulco screening maybe? This is me, if anyone’s interested: https://bit.ly/2UWiFxi


  1. 200k is a lot of money!
    Not for a feature film it isn’t.
  2. How the hell are you going to make a great feature film for 200k?
    More details will be in the proposal, however, we’re going to use tax rebates from New Mexico and Pennsylvania (30% and no minimum spend). I have a roster of professionals that will help us for 20 cents on the dollar. My alma mater, Georgia State, is going to help us with the VFX - they just don’t know it yet. :slight_smile:
    So, we’re going to have a million dollar film for the price of 200k.

The final proposal will be thorough, and not as from-the-hip. I will be working with my Producer and some other people who can actually type fast. Again, please feel free to ask any questions in the meantime.

Thank you,