Sponsor and represent SmartCash in BITCOIN SUMMIT 2019 - FORK THE BANKS


Sponsor and represent SmartCash in BITCOIN SUMMIT 2019 - FORK THE BANKS.

More detailed information about the event (in Portuguese only):https://bit.ly/2HXVnnV

Author: João Gabriel Correa (joaogabrielcorrea1@hotmail.com)


Bitcoin Summit offers opportunities for knowledge development as well as technology and opportunities for success as well as market trends.

The first Bitcoin Summit was held in Sao Paulo in 2016, and had as its main address Andreas Antonopoulos, speaker, author of the best-sellers Internet Money, Mastering Bitcoin, among others, and one of the world’s top specialists in bitcoin and blockchain the first time in Brazil. This edition of the Bitcoin Summit was also attended by the Central Bank, the Stock Exchange and journalists from the areas of economics and technology.

This SUMMIT 2019 will have experts and pioneers in blockchain and crypto-economics, national and international keynotes, entrepreneurs of the technology market, all in one event, transmitting knowledge and discussing topics such as market trends, incorporating banking, strategy and social blockchain.


Alejandro Palantzas - Kraken;

Charys Oliveira - Stratum;

Connie Gallippi - BitGive;

Emília Campos - Malgueiro Campos Advocacia;

Felipe Escudero - BitNada;

Felipe Sant Ana - Paradigma;

Gaby Genovese - RSK;

Marcel Pechman - Radar BTC;

Rocelo Lopes - Stratum;

Rosine Kadamani - Blockchain Academy;

Safiri Felix - InfoMoney;

Saint Clair Izidoro - 3xbit.

The Objective

Sponsor the event BITCOIN SUMMIT 2019 - FORK THE BANKS


One of the events of great importance, led by the CEO of Stratum Brazil.

The proposal defines two ways objectively: Information and opportunity.

We will be present at the event announcing SmartCash as a definitive solution for traders and investors present on the site, segmenting and increasing the flow of new users, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

in this participation we intend to establish the name of SmartCash in the main channels of information keeping alive the flow of news about SmartCash.


It is important to sponsor and re-attend the event that brought visibility and connected Smartcash with several sectors in Brazil, to mark presence is to demonstrate that we are engaged in offering what the currency proposes, we will have Smartcash in the material of the event, visibility, proximity, notoriety, media.

I’ll be wearing the Smartcash shirt to be identified and approached if anyone has any questions.

Expected Results

• Public: 200 people

• Beginners in the market, investors, traders and engaged in economic disruption. • Leveling of knowledge,

• Discussion of market trends,

• Construction of the Cripto Community,

• Presentation of new products and solutions,

• Networking with "Floripa Experience".


Services Cost Price
Sponsor package 1537,50
Transport 20,00
Total investment 1557,50


I am João Gabriel Correa an entrepreneur in the area of ​​service rendering, founder of the company "Concorrência" I live in São José, Santa Catarina, Brazil. I am an enthusiast in cryptography currencies and a SmartCash investor, I represent SmartCash in Santa Catarina in Brazil, I am part of Telegran Group SMARTSQUAD BRAZIL, I am an administrator of SmartCash Brasil in the Telegram Group. I have a degree in Human Resources Management, and I am studying post graduate Finance and Costs.

I gave a talk at Enit 2018 with the theme "Living without Banks with Smartcash" (https://smartcash.cc/events/living-without-banks-with-smartcash/).

I have been in the CriptoBlock event helping in the organization, I have participated in several negotiations for acceptance. (https://criptoblock.com.br/)

Thank you this is me.


Participating in the event organized by the largest reference in crypto-coins in Latin America is an opportunity to present our commitment to investors. Florianopolis is a city that brings several tourists who need to make international transactions, Smartcash is the right choice and needs to be presented.


Great work !
Brazil is a great place and need more projects like this!


We are working for best adoption, your vote is very important.
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