Sponsor TDC Florianópolis Edition 2019


Who am I?
I’am a Professor in a university and a Android Developer at Torres, Rio Grande Do Sul,Brasil

What will I do?


Sponsor and represent SmartCash in www.thedevelopersconference.com.br on software development event in southern Brazil
Have already sponsored the edition Porto Alegre, according to the link https://forum.smartcash.cc/t/sponsor-http-www-thedevelopersconference-com-br/4856 AND https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZzVuyz5p4BmvRXVk8

How to
The developers conference is one of the largest software development events in Brazil. Being that there are even discussions about blockchain.
In the last years I was one of the coordinators of the track (subjects) Blockchain and Android. The edition Florianópolis has 55 tracks (subjects), having a public in the last editions of more than 6000 people focused on Technology.
It would be interesting to sponsor the event for the brand to be present, in addition to sponsoring, I will submit a talk about SmartCash on the Blockchain trail. In which will be the focal audience.
The participants are going to wear Smartcash t-shirts all the days, fixing the brand in the mind of the every people that will participate in that events.
In the talk we will promote the “faucet” to encourage the public to download the wallet in your smartphones or notebooks to test the use and fast transitions.
Showing the Smarthive we pretend to recognize potential cooperator users and give a gift of Σ 100 to 200 to encourage users to use that and involve them in Open Source Software community.
The gift will be given after a tournament with the coin. For example: Propose to public that recover a private key where is the reward.
Another acttion is sort 4 SmartBand on event.

At the opportunity I will be able to talk about SmartCash, Smartpay and SmartCard

You can know more about the event at:
The Last Sponsor Sponsor http://www.thedevelopersconference.com.br
and as I mentioned on the blockchain trail in


  • 2018, Apr 23th to 27th



Here’s my detailed proposal.