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Hello, my name is Matheus, in the middle of eSport I am known as “Celtic Guard”. I’m a competitive hearthstone player from Brazil. I have some good result in a lot of tournaments, but it’s very hard to me play some major events, because these events usually happen in Europe or North America, and Brazil air tickets for these events is very expensive, so there is no Brazilian team that helps players compete for these events.


Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/likeCelticGuard/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/celticGuard_hs
Twitch www.twitch.tv/celtic_guard
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/likecelticguard

What the SmartCash can gain from this?

  • I will make a video in Portuguese thanking you for the support and posting on my YouTube channel.

  • I’ll wear a shirt with the smartcast logo on the events and live streams

  • I’m going to put the smartcash logo on all covers of my social medias

  • I think it will have support from the local media in Brazil, because a crypto is supporting a Brazilian eSport player

budget $3000

Support time 6 months.

Sponsorship quota $500 dollars per month, with this money, I can travel to 2 major events.

some of my results

3 ° CM League
3 ° WESG Brazil Qualify
4 ° Hearthstoen Arena season 2
5 ° Copa America summer 2017
Dreamhacker winter 2017
Rated for the Americas summer 2016
Classified for the HCT Europa winter 2017
Rated for the Americas summer 2017

Minors and options cups

1 ° MEGA CASH Sunday https://strivewire.com/tournament/25836/lobby
1 ° MEGA CASH Tuesday https://strivewire.com/tournament/26308/
1 ° MEGA CASH THURSDAY https://strivewire.com/tournament/25819/lobby
1 st https: //strivewire.com/tournament/26308/lobby
1 ° StriveWire’s Nightly Grinder # 6https: //goo.gl/QnBA3T
1 ° Hearthstone Vanquisher Series https://www.good-gaming.com/tournament/run/22
1 ° Kyoto Saturdays # 19 https://goo.gl/RsbN8W
1st place Mega Best Gamers Campuseiros Cup
1st place Huestone table http://huestone.com.br/qualify10/
1 ° eSC WeekCup https://goo.gl/4NtKQY
1st place HGL Daily 1000 Series # 52 http://goo.gl/BB9chu
2 ° King’s Defender # 19 https://goo.gl/8TVG6H
2nd place THS table http://challonge.com/HearthStoneBR
2nd place Pandaria # 25 https://t.co/IPmidrAD8G
2nd place THS # 2 table http://challonge.com/HearthStoneBR
3 ° MEGA CASH SUNDAY https://strivewire.com/tournament/25611
3 ° HOV Gaming Open https://goo.gl/YH0ISl
3 ° King’s Defender # 16 goo.gl/FypnTF
3rd place DTV Weekly Series # 54
3rd place HueStone Cup THS table
3 ° Americas Tour Wild Card
3/4 ° Argent Squire # 45 https://battlefy.com/randomcs/argent-squire-45-hct-points-free-entry-conquest/
5 ° Rude House Open # 2

feel free to make any suggestions!


Brah Stonehearth! I loved that game. It was my daily addiction in 2015


I think Videos should be oriented to help the adoption of Smartcash, only mentioning or saying thank you in a video maybe it’s not enough.


Besides thanking in the video, I will explain what is the smartcash, how it works and why to use, and I will also speak in my live broadcast on twitch!

Thanks for the sugestion!


Thanks for the comment!


I say the same…
It is an invitation for endorsement. A decent allotted time of focus around $Smart is necessary. Otherwise it is a waste of funds