Sponsorship for the poetry contest in Mothers Days



The CryptoNewsHaiti is a newspaper in the field of blockchain which aims to convey education on blockchain and the sharing of information in this sphere. This startup is founded by leaders and experts in cryptocurrency in Haiti.

In order to promote and achieve its goal, CNH also wanted to organize a poetry competition on Mother’s Day. This competition will last one month and participants will have to respect certain rules and also take part in the activities of our sponsors. So we want to post a proposal and ask smartcash to support us.

About me
I am Carlo. I am a blockchain/cryptocurrency evangelist and promoter in Haiti. I am also Ass. Director of CryptoNewsHaiti. I am a computer engineer. i am an old smartcash holder. And with our local group we promote smartcash a lot in Haiti. So that is my first proposal on Smart and we want to do more by making smart meetup here. So we will see how we can have a good result with this first proposal.
With this proposal and this competition, users and people interested in crypto will learn more smartcash because we will put smartcash links in flyers, contest posters and applicants must have a smartcash portfolio to participate. They must also use the Smartcash tag by posting their entry.

We have a very small budget with only 600 USD around for the contest.

Help us promote cryptocurrency and blockchain in Haiti. As we are a start-up in the media field and we are the first media in Blockchain in Haiti.

We are waiting for comments and after we will put the proposal on vote.


That’s a great idea to make people to know more about Smartcash , and i will support this proposal i like it

The Mother’s days is a good day for the poetry contest and keep going let’s decentralized SmartCah to Haiti


Thnaks @michelson and what you think about our budget ?


thank you for sharing