Student adoption plan in France - part 2


This is a 1-month plan to increase student adoption of Smartcash in France.
It’s the follow up of my conference in my Business School.

Big picture:
Our final long-term goal is to achieve global adoption. We already highlighted the importance of student adoption in this process.

I’m working on student adoption in France.
First I’m focusing on building solid foundations in EDHEC Business School and then I’ll see if I can replicate the model to major graduate schools in France.

So you know the full plan, here’s the complete 9 steps plan I designed. We are at part 1-4. This is a big plan, and I should find some support along the way to implement it locally. Anyway, here it is:

  1. Build awareness in EDHEC Business School
  2. Demonstrate usage in EDHEC Business School
  3. Achieve adoption in EDHEC Business School
  1. Build awareness in Top French Business Schools
  2. Demonstrate usage in Top French Business Schools
  3. Achieve adoption in Top French Business Schools
  1. Build awareness in French Graduate Schools
  2. Demonstrate usage in French Graduate Schools
  3. Achieve adoption in French Graduate Schools

Basically the 3 steps repeat themselves at different scales each time: EDHEC Business School, French Business Schools, major French Graduate Schools.

I’m very proud of one thing: I created what I believe to be the first partnership between a crypto-currency and a Business School student association in France. It may not look like it, but it’s a big step toward Smartcash mass adoption. Together we’re making history.

Here you can see the design we’ll print on our association’s jackets (the blue background represents the color of the jacket):

The French student adoption plan has been initiated with this partnership and also with my conference in EDHEC Business School during the Sustainable Week.
Find here an extract of the conference:

Every student has seen the Smartcash logo on our banner and on our advertising. However, only about 20 people attended this conference so a lot of student are still not really aware of Smartcash.
To solve this and make sure that Smartcash gets a central role in my business school, I set up a 3 part short-term plan that will take place simultaneously to create a synergy.

  1. Reach influencers
  2. Go viral on social medias
  3. Create the event on the CCE

  1. Reinforce Smartcash presence in EDHEC by targeting influencers: contact the 60 presidents of the 60 student associations of EDHEC and offer them 1000 Smart each. This will directly make them Smartcash adopters, and because they are leaders of their asso, they will then spread the word around them.
    Plus I’ll do 3 SmartTalks where I will talk about Smartcash with students in small groups. I’d offer mugs and T-shirts to attendees.

It’s hard to predict their behaviour, but I expect some of them adopting Smartcash (buy Smarts + send proposals).

Btw, I heard that some smarties preferred staying with the original colors so I created this choice of T-shirts. Tell me which one is your favorite (say the number).

The most liked Tshirt is this one, so I’ll offer:

  1. Go viral on social media thanks to a giveway to build more awareness in the EDHEC student network and beyond. I’d like to offer 5 times 500€ in Smartcash to pay for the Summer Holidays of 5 lucky students.
    To be eligible for the 500€ giveway, the person would have to like and share the giveway post on FB. This thing would go viral as every student should want to be part of it to win the money. The 5 winners would be chosen randomly at the end.

I’d post this giveway post once every week to:

  • “Promo EDHEC” channel with 2770 students
  • my own FB with around 600 FB friends
  • the Ecothink association FB page with each post reaching about 500 people
    I expect 100% of people seeing it and 30% of people liking and sharing so it’d be about 1000 students.

  1. Show that Smartcash is truly part of the student life by showing some big Smartcash logos on my boat at the biggest student in Europe: the CCE. It’s a famous boat race in France gathering about 3500 students from graduate schools.
    I’d expose 3 Smartcash big logos on our boat and distribute a lot of flyers - with my asso members - to the students at the event directing to the giveway.

I expect to get 100% awareness during the event + get good pictures for media coverage.



  1. Smarts for asso presidents + goodies:
    60 x 1 000 smarts = 60 000 Smarts at current price of 0,068$ it is:
    60 x 68$ = 4080 $
    Goodies for SmartTalks attendees:
    30 mugs + 36 T-shirts = 668 € or 822$

  2. Giveway prize: 5 x 500 € = 2500 € or 3078$

  3. Logo on the boat: 800 € or 985$
    Flyers to be distributed during the race: 2 000 flyers = 62 € or 76$

  4. 5% more just in case: 450$

  5. My fees for this 1-month work: 1 500€ or 1848$

TOTAL: 11339$

Feel free to comment on any point, ask questions and share your opinion !


Looks great! (and I like t-shirt #3 best). Thanks for the $$ conversions. But I’m not sure how the accountant would handle the “5% extra”. Pretty sure you’d need to show what it is going towards.


Looks pretty good to me!


I think they could also copy/paste their SmartCash receiving address, this way, all the students that like and share will have their Smartwallet, also ad some SmartCash hashtags.

How will be the proces of choosing randomly the winners?

I like the #1 and #2 T Shirt. I think #6 is not a good option, people still don´t recognize our logo so the word SmartCash neeeds to be in the T-shirt, so they can know what it is.


Thanks for your comments guys.

@BlockchainRelations Right… I’ll have to see how to handle the accounting part

@Karl I’m glad you like it

@CoachDigi I love your idea. Haha. That’s just great. I’ll add something like: "Download a Smartcash wallet FOR FREE at and SHARE THIS POST to be eligible for the 500€ giveway."
For choosing the winners I’ll just pick 5. Like printing all names on a paper, cut them and pick 5 blindly. I may do it live, record it and bring some people with me, so they see it’s fair.
I also agree that the name has to be there for the moment. Maybe later we can remove it when we’re known worldwide ^^

I’m posting the 6 T-shirts on the discord channel to get more opinions