Suggest me an woocommerce plugin


As I commented on @CoachDigi post SmartStudent Ecosystem (5 months mkting plan) by Coach Digi

I want to use SmartCash as reward system in my e-commerce

I want to use cryptocurrency because the traditional payments systems are disadvantageous for small ecommerce platforms, since the banking policies protect the buyers over the sellers.

I am not a information systems engineer, (I am a chemist, actually) so I don’t know how to create a reward system in WooCommerce, but in order to accept Smartcash I instaled the Coinpayment plugin.

I already have a community over 200 membership prospects.

Which plugin do you suggest me?

With the reward system I would like to create a “power team” with about 20 merchants. A power team is a group of professionals who work in non-competing, related fields so they can refer their customers.