Supporting Smartcash Masternode Setup & Troubleshooting Services


Hello community.
I am spreading awareness around the Crypto Dragon’s services launched a few weeks back.

The team is now supporting SmartCash for it’s support of Setup and Troubleshooting!

Check out the full service here:

The site links you to a destination url on coin market business because they did a partnership for the first 25 customers to service at a low rate of $50 per masternode.

We recommend you ask the devs and community for help first. Use this service as secondary!
We recommend you NEVER share access to your VPS or Wallet (via remote access or SSH).

Check it out at
Join telegram:

SmartCash Support coming soon

SmartCash community member can ask for support Smartnode FREE in Discord


yes, this is only an additional option. some people want direct, one-on-one assistance, on a customized level… and some people want the free way. They each have a choice.