Survey for Future Outreach Initiatives


Hello, everyone,

The voting for our proposal has concluded. Since a majority didn’t approve, we will not be able to move forward with our plan to reach mainstream audiences.

If you would like to give your input on future initiatives to achieve mass adoption, please visit this anonymous 3-minute survey: (all 8 questions are optional)

The valuable feedback will be used by the Communications Task Force headed up by @Antonio-Clark to put together a plan that more closely aligns with community desires and objectives. Your input can make a huge impact for everyone part of the SmartCash community.

P.S. We will continue to list SmartCash in the Crypto Spotlight section of our website and greatly appreciate the support received from many of you over the past two weeks.


Hey @BlockchainRelations ! Even if we already talked together I also did the survey, I wanted to try it… Well, it’s fast and convenient. It took me 2 minutes to complete it. Thanks for setting this up for getting feedbacks from the smarties.


Excellent! Although we have less than 10 responses so far, the feedback has been genuinely helpful.