Team SmartCash - Steemit Launch


@drwom is my STEEM username :blush:


same sir @cloudspyder on steemit


@DrWom DrWom is your handle the same on slack ?


Hi hockleyj - this is me here :upside_down_face:


Sorry - misunderstood. Will check now


yep that’s it : drwom


1 . I am Miguel Megias indahigh on steemit … smartcash canarias from spain canary islands
2. My fav thing is that you can vote and create a new comunity for the future y also love all the beneffits from cryptos and smartcash is becoming my favourite after those juicy rewards hahaha this is awesome comunity plus aweome ideas to support !!
3. i want to join because i want to keep learning ! i also want to spread the word in spanish and expand the comunity to the islands


Welcome to the family.


Hi guys! something has come up that’s going to keep me busy for the next weeks, so I will be posting rarely on steemit (if even)… I don’t know if spots are limited, I don’t want to take someone else’s place that could be contributing…


i am from venezuela
my favourite thing is the mining nodes and the rewards
i wan to join to help grow the spanish comunity as well as the international
i love smartcash


@Smartcash.canarias whats your steemit username / handle ?


@barcalogia your spot is reserved for whenever you are free again.


@smathones if you want to join we just need your steemit username, and that you post on steemit about smartcash and use the smartcash tag, also team smartcash members will follow and upvote each others articles, and as a reward we tip using smart on steemit.


Heey Team SmartCash,

My name is Roberto Heckers from the Netherlands and I would be more then willing to help with the articles on Steemit.

I never used Steemit, but I worked as a SEO copywriter for two years and I also own a few blogs and webshops so I know all about content and the rules to follow when making it.

I am invloved in the crypto space since 2012 and an active contributor to SmartCash since a few weeks (about 8 now).

The thing I like most about SmartCash is the fact that all users can voice their plans an ideas and that if they are good and accepted by the community there is a way to get the funds to realize your plans for SmartCash.

I already made my own topic here on the hive forum and I would like to be an active contributor to SmartCash and would love to spend some time creating great content in Dutch or English for potential new investors.


Would love to be apart of this - been of the forum for a month or so - but if this is still available

  1. from america
  2. love the rewards, and ownership of the community - love being able to engage when I want to or see something i care about
  3. The more awareness of smartcash the better - theres a time in space here where the crypto space is gaining traction, there are tons of coins out there - raising awareness of smartcash is something i would like to be apart of -



Steemit is ridiculous. I created an account days ago and I’m still waiting to get approval so I can actually do anything on there—and I’m not alone. I’ve seen countless people complaining about this.

Why would you guys throw your weight behind a community that is quite evidently so broken?


I am indahigh on steem i dont seem to get much upvotes from smartcash comunity my posts are in spanish and i follow you and all the team as well you guys should support other languages too pura vida and thanks


I’m super new on both steemit and smartcash.
I joined after watching a YouTube video posted by girlgonesmartcash…@hannahlicious
Really just give it a try please I really need your support…my steemit handler is @Ghost1