The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Smartcash, Video Series


I’m completely passionate about Smartcash and blockchain technology, and I’ve been trying in the past months to introduce Smartcash to my friends and family.

A few of them have adopted Smartcash, I used to give them 10 Smarts when they install the wallet in their smartphone. But many of them don’t really understand the power of Smartcash, they just don’t understand how to buy and sell Smartcash and I’ve noticed they think it’s too complicated.

They are completely newbies and they feel overflooded with too much information.

I’ve noticed that for people like you and me, it’s very easy to understand the terminology and we perfectly understand the new concepts.

But it’s very hard to explain from the very beginning to people that has zero knowledge.

They just don’t believe in the concepts, they don’t believe in Rewards, Airdrops, the Hive, they think I’m in dirty business.

It’s not the technology complexity, it’s that they are used to fiat money and the rules of the old world.

So I’m writing this pre-proposal because I know it will have a deep impact to introduce people to Smartcash.

I’m doing this through a proposal to show the power of the Hive and the Smartcash community.

So this is my proposal:


It’s hard to introduce Smartcash Concepts to the average person without any knowledge about cryptocurrencies. I’m creating the Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Smartcash, so people can understand from A to Z, all about Smartcash.

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide will be a serie of Videos, I’ll talk in Spanish on the videos, but I’ll include subtitles in English.


The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Smartcash will cover the following topics, every topic will become into a video.

I’ll make one video per week. This include script writing, video recording, video edition, translation to add subtitles, and uploading the video.

  1. Cryptocurrencies and Smartcash Basics.
  2. Smartcash Essentials.
  3. How to Buy Smartcash.
  4. How to Spend Smartcash.
  5. Smartcash Mining.
  6. Smartcash Rewards.
  7. Smartcash Smart Nodes.
  8. Smartcash Hive.
  9. How to Make a Proposal.
  10. How to Earn Smarts in Steemit.
  11. How to Send Smarts by Email.
  12. Smartcash Roadmap and other features, Smartcard, Smartband.
  13. Smartcash in the Future and Bitcoin Confidential.

Additionally I’ll write a post in Steemit to market the videos and in order to have the complete guide documented in Steemit.


I’ll make one video per week, so this proposal will last 13 weeks.


The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Smartcash:

13 Videos, one video per week, spoken in Spanish with subtitles in English.
13 Post in Steem in both languages, English and Spanish.



For every Video I’ll spend at least 14 hours to create it, doing the following tasks:

Research and develop the creative approach 3 hours
Writing the Script 2 hours
Record the Video 1 hour
Editing the Video and adding graphics and effects 3 hours
Translating to English the script to add subtitles 1 hour
Adding Subtitles to the Video 2 hours
Mix Music and Soundtrack 1 hour
Final touches and distribution to Youtube/DTube 1 hour

14 hours x $25/hour = $350 per video
$350/Video x 13 Videos = USD$4,550

Who am I?

So, I love technology and its impact in the society. I’m currently 22 years old and I deeply fell in love with the blockchain technology. I see many futuristic scenarios about how the blockchain will transform our world and our society. And you know what? Last year when I knew Smartcash I knew true love. I know that Smartcash has the potential to change the world entirely. The Smarthive concept is a piece of smart art. And I’m really engaged with the roadmap.

I’ve been trying to introduce to family and friends Smartcash, but I’ve been struggling because a lack of a Guide that covers all the topics.

I’d love to work in order to spread the voice about cryptocurrencies and Smartcash. And I’m planning to deliver training and conferences that deals with the topic.

I invested in Smartcash because I see a huge potential because it’s completely oriented in the community, and I think that in the long run Smartcash will be a great investment.

Currently I live in Cancun, in an oceanfront apartment and I administer 3 Airbnb properties, and you guessed, I have everything automated with technology, well, almost everything, I haven’t found my Rosie, the robot maid.

I love to make videos, and I own several microphones, 3 gopro cameras, 1 360 camera, and several other kind of cameras, lights, a green screen, one drone and other gadgets. Sometimes I make inspirational videos or documentary videos like this one: or this one:

I enjoy travelling, I’m passionate about sailing(I have a Hobie Getaway Sailboat), I’m a gourmand and I want to help the blockchain technology change our world.


So loving.
It’s a well detailed proposal.



Thank you @kingcrypto. Any feedback it’s highly appreciated.


@tete9050 I like the proposal, but I think you should add some facebook work, it would be great if you create the facebook page for your guide, so you can engage more viewers and users.


Sure, we’ll have a facebook page. Also I’d like to add an entrepreneurship approach, so I’m still developing the topics. Thank you for your feedback.


Its interesting that you are going to make videos to promote smartcash. Are you able to show us any similar work you have done previously

  • Your Steemit and YouTube

I find your topic for week one very broad. What exactly will you be talking about as “SmartCash Basics” different from “SmartCash Essentials” in week 2? Where would the smartcash wallet fit in?


Hello @nitego, right now I’m working on developing the content. What I’m going to do is that I’ll be publishing the video script as a post on Steemit, so I can receive some feedback from the community, and then I’ll record de video.

The first week content talks about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, but it features Smartcash, the second video will be oriented to Smartcash overview, will talk about all the features of Smartcash, including wallets. In the 3rd video I’ll show how to install and use wallets.

This is an excerpt of the script just as an example:

"Hello… Welcome to this guide… In this first Video you’ll learn:

-Cryptocurrencies are descentralized digital currencies secured with cryptography.
-What is the blockchain technology and how does it work.
-Smartcash is the most promising currency ever developed due to its merchant and community oriented features.

Why Criptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a new kind of digital money used to exchange agreed-upon values.
It’s similar to regular currency but it uses cryptography to secure transactions…

In centralized economical systems, such as the US Federal Reserve and Central Banks in several countries, goverment and banks control the supply of currency. They are printing units of each currency depending on the country, this units of currency as dollars, euros or pesos are called fiat…

Smartcash as a cryptocurrency is not controlled by one person or organization, and it constitutes an independent descentralized system based on cryptographic processes built on a peer to peer network…

With Smartcash and cryptocurrencies, the good news are that you can send and receive money anywhere in the world at any time.

…You don’t have to worry about bank hours, formal permission or any other limitations. …


So Video 1 is focused on what are criptocurrencies, once you already know what a cryptocurrency is, video 2 gives you a detailed tour in Smartcash and its features.

You can watch some of my videos here:

Thank you so much for your feedback.


I like your proposal and think it’s very reasonable. The more video the better imo.


Thank you @lovethesmart. And I think this guide will help to educate more people and it could be used as a reference in meetups.


Congrats on the vote passing! Get in touch with @splin on Discord for next steps.


Hello @mark-smartcash thank you so much. I’m writing the scripts and I’ll upload the first video this weekend. I’ll contact @slpin. Thank you again, and I thank the whole community for supporting me.


Hello Guys, the first Video is ready, in a few hours the one with subtitles in english is going to be uploaded, meanwhile for the Smartcash spanish community here it’s the first Video:

Any comments are highly appreciated.


Great! Soon I will hold a forum about smartcash at the university where I study! Your videos will be very useful to introduce students without knowledge about cryptocurrencies and smartcash. I look forward to the following videos. Keep it up! Good luck.


The subtitles really help! Would it be possible to do some scenes that are a bit longer, rather than doing so many transitions?


Sure @mark-smartcash. I’ll reduce transitions in the upcoming videos.


This is excellent, I really like your proposal, the truth is very good, your videos are excellent and very educational. I want to see more videos soon


I just see your videos and they have a very good graphic edition, congratulations!