The Epic SmartCash Community Video Contest - 300,000 In Prizes


The Epic SmartCash Community Video Contest

$3,000 Prize, aka 300,000 Coins - 3 winners

Most Views Video- 150,000 Coins (~$1,500)
Most Creative Video- 75,000 (~$750)
Most Educational Video- 75,000 (~$750)

Video Announcement from @SSowellSVT

Timeframe: 60 days

Requirements to qualify for prizes:

-Video is posted to YouTube, Vimeo or Dtube.
-Video is somehow related to, about or involving SmartCash, it doesn’t have to be the MAIN focus but it should be a large part of the theme.
-Video has a link back to SmartCash in the description and mentions the contest in some format.
-Video MUST be unique.

Some notes:

Be creative, we don’t care whether its a real life video, an animated short, an interview with 100 people about SmarCash or just a clever comedy video related to SmartCash, we want to encourage alot of out of the box thinking with this one so we kept the restrictions simple, we want the most creative, most hard working community members to have a chance to show their skills and be reimbursed for their creative work!

Also note; everyone Video with that qualifies and also includes a SmartCash address in either the video itself or the description will be getting a surprise participation fee, so even if you don’t win it’s worth the time it takes to make a fun video!

Questions, comments and submissions below please! Please post your entries in this thread.

Smartcash 150,000 prize
Selamat bergabung di smarthive indonesia
French translation of the website

Oh and of course, ALL participants are going to get a small tip just for submitting content as long as there is a Smart Addess in the video description, or better yet, the video!


well i have to start learning creating videos lol


Hi there I really like the idea and I would realy like to participate. I have 2 questions howerver. Is there some sort of whitepaper because I can’t find it and if there is none, will there be one and when? And another thing. I see masternodes or soo called “smartnodes” are in devlopment. What will be the amount needed to have a smartnode?
Thank you for your help:)


We didn’t make a whitepaper because they are considerably overrated, our website does a better job at telling the story than a wanna-be white paper.

But here is the zerocoin paper if you are interested:

SmartNodes are not going to be ready for a few months, the cost will be very low compared to other coins.


Thank you for your response.


I am already working on the video… Will publish two videos in 3 days time :wink:


My Video for the contest


is there any form where I can submit it?


Just so everyone knows the prize value has gone up ALOT!

300,000 = $13,500 USD 4.5cents per Smart… whoa!


My video is in for the contest:


Has the google doc been uploaded?


Check out my video guys,


Now its $45,176 USD.

Wow in only 9 days frame,congratz.


Is there any limit to the number of videos you can make and submit to the contest?


You did a really great job on this, it is short and sweet to the point! Nice job!


Hello, hope you all enjoy my video


Just some constructive criticism:

  1. This is insignificant nitpicking, Whats" should have an apostrophe between the t and s, like this What’s

  2. “No Fees” might be misleading, there are fees and you should post them so people know what they are, if the currency someday becomes worth $100 or $500 people will want to know what the fees are. For instance, if the fees are hypothetically 1% that means when the currency is $500 each the cost to transact will be $5, which is not a good thing at all, that means it’s cheaper to take money out of an ATM machine than use the currency in a transaction. People will want to know this information because the goal of cryptocurrency should be towards low affordable transaction costs, not expensive. People are very angry at banks because of their high fees. It’s low transaction costs which made Bitcoin Cash so wildly popular, despite its seemingly anti-decentralization nature as some are accusing it of (I don’t know enough about bitcoincash to judge either way).

  3. SmartRewards “Earn High Monthly Payout” the amount paid out is actually declining every month, and will continue to decline over time as more people adopt. In a way this is actually a good thing that the SmartRewards are declining, I’ve seen coins get destroyed because they made high staking payouts. Embercoin has been decimated, and B3 coin has dropped to record lows due to their “High monthly payout”. It would turn off savvy and commonsense investors if the “staking” rewards were too high, this is usually a warning sign of hyperinflation.

Other than the above constructive criticisms, I really like your video a lot, it was nicely put together using animaker. I’ll have to check out the video making software one of these days.


Thanks for the feedback. I wrote directly underneath “No fees” an explanation of that. It does say “virtually no fees.” Right now there is basically no fee and as we grow, I hope with the proposal system that we will be able to keep the fees low by implementing adaptive technology. We are not Bitcoin. Bitcoin may not even be Bitcoin.

Right now, the monthly reward is high. That’s exactly what it is. Those who enjoy the video wont stop there, they will do the research on SmartCash as there are many other points that clearly show the great value in SmartCash.

Also, since you do go in depth in your feedback, id like to hear your opinion on my pre proposal:


Regarding “No fees” or “virtually no fees” this is not quite accurate because of its time sensitivity and thus becomes obsolete very quickly in henceforth the coming years, if we presume with high hopes, for an ascent of the SmartCash unit price. Roughly, right now, the SmartCash price is hovering between 5 and 10 cents, but what about in 3 or 5 years if there’s widespread adoption and the price soars?

Let’s do a hypothetical experiment:

If SmartCash were worth $500 for each unit or coin in let us say the year 2022 and I was to send you one coin, what would the transaction fee cost?

Is the SmartCash transaction fee more or less than going to a typical bank machine ATM and taking out $500?

The typical ATM fee in USA is $2 to $3, some credit unions offer free money withdrawal or refunds.

If the SmartCash transaction fee is more than $3 to transfer you one coin when SC is hypothetically worth $500, well then that’s totally defeating one of the major points of cryptocurrency – which is not only just about privacy, anonymity, and censorship resistance – but also fighting against exorbitant or ridiculously expensive fiat currency bank transaction fees.

So what I was trying to convey is the “no fees” and “virtually no fees” is kind of misleading, because it only applies when SmartCash units aren’t worth much, however when the SC units become valuable, people are going to become incensed by the outrageous fiat-currency-banking-style fees.

So quite the opposite of “no fees” and “virtually no fees” if it costs more than a $2 or $3 ATM machine charge in the future. This is one of the reasons why Bitcoin Cash is capturing marketshare of Bitcoin (despite all the baggage, contradictory cryptocurrency vision and magnetic-drama associated with bitcoincash leadership). The average Bitcoin transaction fee is $8, whereas the average Bitcoin Cash transaction fee is 11 cents. Metaphorically, If all things were equal, and the price of Bitcoin was let us say 5x higher than Bitcoin Cash, then the transaction fees should average 55 cents (5 x 11 cents) instead of $8.

People are trying to fight against the corrupt banking system because they basically steal peoples’ money with high fees and the people who are hurt the most are poor and middle-class people who feel the pain the most when they have to pay fees. It’s not the super wealthy who typically feel the pain when they pay high banking fees.

I really want to thank you very deeply for putting “no fees” and “virtually no fees” in your video, it really caused me think hard about the future fee structure of SmartCash, and realize it’s unsustainable if it’s not adjusted when the price of the cryptocurrency rises to great heights. It really shows a lack of foresight by the founders if the price of the fees is “hardcoded in stone” and can’t be down adjusted. If the fee structure is not “hardcoded in stone” then it shows the founders and leadership have prescience and high levels of conscientiousness about building a visionary community.

I honestly wonder do the founders even care or not? Is there a road map for the future transaction fees. Please forgive me, I’ve only known about SmartCash for about 1 month, so I’m still coming up to speed about the roadmap. Apologies if I’m mistaken.

So I guess my question to the leadership is: are the transaction fees hardcoded or can they be adjusted over time if it serves the interest of the ever-growing SmartCash community?

Other than causing my thoughts to penetrate into the future to ponder the potential stumbling blocks and negatives of SmartCash, I thought your video was very upbeat, colorful, showed a creative spirit and had a very sunny vibe to it.