The Epic SmartCash Community Video Contest - 300,000 In Prizes


Thanks for the positive feedback.

It will take a while to reach 500 dollars, but i get your point. Hopefully its not hard-coded, but i have a feeling its not. This is why we have the proposal system. Moving to proof of stake instead of proof of work may help down the line. I think we will have masternodes at low cost which will encourage this transition. Combining smartrewards with staking is a strong incentive. I am looking to encourage people into the SmartCash platform right now and right now it is virtually no fees.

The whole point of our proposal system is to keep SmartCash sustainable. My whole point in linking my proposal about atomic swaps is to hint that if you do some research and come up with an idea that makes it more sustainable, people could vote on it and you could assuage your fears. Fears good, it can motivate you to do something about it.


I consider your atomic swaps proposal to be one of the most brilliant financially oriented projects proposed that I am aware of at this time if it could some how incorporate privacy and anonymity taken to almost the cryptocurrency extreme.

One of the biggest challenges people have in the mainstream is converting fiat toilet-paper money into cryptocurrency. I struggled a great deal with the learning curve of converting my own greenbacks to cryptocurrency when I first got started in cryptocurrency about a month ago. I hated all the hoops one has to jump through with sites like coinbase, where you actually have to take a picture of yourself holding up your drivers license - this is like the ultimate invasion of privacy. I also don’t like the lack of privacy one must trade at many of these crypto exchanges that they necessarily employ to avoid fraud, where they require multiple IDs, or pictures of you holding up a letter you received at your mailing address. I completely respect and understand their need to protect themselves and fight fraud, however it would be great for there to be an exchange which was totally anonymous, so people could enjoy privacy and anonymity. I understand there are challenges with such a setup.

I hope your atomic swaps proposal takes shape, it has worthy potential.


Hmm, thanks misterhappy! You gave me another cool idea. Im with you on privacy. Thats how you sparked the idea that the atomic swaps could include the zerocoin protocol for even greater anonymity. Instead of taking them in your wallet and renewing, the atomic swaps could implement the zerocoin protocol for you if you choose. Of course that would mean a longer wait for the exchange, but its also an easy to use feature and could be optional. Not sure if its practical to code this, but would be cool!

The atomic swaps alone would help a lot with privacy anyway.


@tim Awesome vid, you have good skills. I assume you should cooperate with talented narrator from SmartCash community next time in order to create even more appealing content :wink:

Suggested titles for future videos:
SmartCash - something new in crypto
SmartCash - cryptocurrency with ingenious approach
SmartCash - overlooked and undervalued cryptocurrency

I guess we will see more incentivized tasks for videographers, don’t run away ))

@MisterHappy valid and worthy notes, appreciated


Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I got my Animation for the Contest finaly ready. Have a look and feel free to give some feedback!

After the contest ends a paper Model of this SmartCash Inversion Cube is coming, so everyone can Print and build one on his own.
Thanks again to all that provide me with the needed infomations so i get the content right in this short time frame.

You are amazing & thats why it was a pleasure to put this efford to create this video!



We have 5 Videos so far keep up the great content guys !


Here is mine!

Hope you guys will like it!


I love watching this post many days after you posted! I watched all videos and all of them are a very valuable resource of knowledge. Each has its own perspective and there is where the magic run! Thats how people can learn all about SmartCash! Simply awesome. Congrats to all video makers and congrats @Decentralizd for the idea.


I think its more like 7:

Crypt0 interview with me and @fiatluxx

and maybe some others:


Updated Video list thanks


Here is my entry in to the video contest (educational)


Hi! This is my entertaining video for the contest.:wink:


I found out about smartcash from this video.


Buenas tardes comunidad!. soy Oscar Garcia y formo parte del equipo SmartCash Venezuela. este es mi aporte para el concurso. espero les guste. saludos!


Now thats funny.

We should do another round of this @Somnium @JuicyG its been pretty effective, but dont announce an answer until after the 2nd to keep people in suspense… :stuck_out_tongue:


My submission for the video contest:



Can you replace your slack link with a discord one which can be generated from inside discord? they no longer work. Thanks!


No problem @Decentralizd , done!


Hey Guys I just finished my Entry for the Video Contest… Enjoy :smiley:


lol this was awesome man!!