The Epic SmartCash Community Video Contest - 300,000 In Prizes


Haha Brilliant! Got to win most creative for sure :grinning:


Some great videos Shared, Iv’e got some strong competition. Tim and MisterHappy nice comments.


Yes i will talk to the hive about it

Good work guys !!


Winner Most Views Video- 150,000 Coins - Crypt0
Winner Most Creative Video- 75,000 Coins - Foxhound
Winner Most Educational Video- 75,000 Coins - moon_chaos

Well done guys !!

franklee85** Under investigation - disqualified for fake views with the help of the community.

Thanks again for taking part in this contest

Can the winners please post your SmartCash address


Congrats to the winners!!


Some people are paying for fake views running ad campaigns this is not what we wanted we wanted organic view count to target real people. We don’t want to attract scammers here, i will review the ad campaign video to determine if its legit as it is not against our rules i will allow for it this time round.


Thank you so much! I have a few upcoming ideas, and plan to use a portion of the winnings to help SmartCash through more promotions!

Here is my address:



Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I just did my best.

Here is my smartcash address. Maybe I forgot to leave it?



thank you once again.


Oh darn! I thought we had another day!


Hey Guys I’m really happy to have won the Most Creative Video Award
I put a lot of effort in to the project to try and help Smart Cash Grow :smiley:

Here is my Smart Cash Address



@Foxhound @tim & @moon_chaos Nice work! and congratulations on winning the awards :smiley:

I’m look forward to the participation award everyones ones a winner with Smartcash :+1:


My entry for the SmartCash video contest.


Lol am I too late for the participation award?


Will this run again? I must have written the deadline down wrong and will be finished my videos in the next few days.


All videos have been taken into account even if you missed the deadline

All participates will receive a 500 SmartCash reward

We have no plans for a 2nd Round at this point in time.


Thanking you, much appreciated :smiley:


Why I am disqualified, I should have won this as my views are far more than anyone else, these are not fake views, Please reconsider or please provide proof to the community as how my views are fake? I’m sorry but this isn’t making any sense.


I’m reviewing all the entries. It would seem the winner manipulated the view count so we might have to disqualify that video.

Your video actually has lots of comments and it’s a pretty good video overall.


Anyone with some experience can tell these were genuine views: , I’m not sure why you’ve disqualified, I’m one of the early adopter of smartcash who purhcased on the first day from Stocks exchange, Please don’t do this to one of your loyal investor.