The Epic SmartCash Community Video Contest - 300,000 In Prizes


We’re taking a second look at your video.


I’ve review the video by Tim, please ask him to show his his youtube analytics, his views seems to be fake as I can’t find his promotion anywhere, I can’t find his video shared on any place, on the other hand you can see my video shared on some big twitter accounts as well. Please ask him that how he generated that much views a new channel.

The review process needs to be fair for all.


Thank you very much.:grinning:


I have shared my analytics and allowed Somnium into my account.


Please check his external sources in analytics + traffic sources. I can provide you screenshots, if you need to verify anything. One more thing his views are stopped but my views are still increasing.


Hey People
It’s amazing to win the Most Educational Video!
It was fun creating this for SmartCash. Thank you a lot!!!

Will love to continue interacting in the future with Smarcash for Design subjects and anything else i can provide in my spare time, to make this project even greater than it already is & spread it to the world.

I put this effort in this Video just because i really believe SmartCash gonna be one of the leading currencies in everyday life in the near future. All of you from the Team doing great job and i can only say keep it up!
Thanks again, it was a pleasure!

Here is my Smart Cash Address



Llegando algo tarde (problemas del internet en venezuela, ustedes entenderan) pero disfruten de este video.

Dirección smart rewards: SWX7FTwCZ9Fxyx2X6DuPoxUhKSAr6V4Grd


Hola aqui mi video


I really hope you guys run another video contest. I learned about SmartCash from one of the videos from this contest and I think its a great way to create buzz consistent content on the internet about us. The rewards don’t have to be as big but I think consistency is a good thing.


After careful consideration the hive has decided that the following are the winners of the Video Contest.

Winner Most Views Video- 150,000 Coins - Crypt0
Winner Most Creative Video- 75,000 Coins - Foxhound
Winner Most Educational Video- 75,000 Coins - moon_chaos


Hello, I have received views fair and square. This is extremely wrong. I have provided you evidence and you have verified with me that what I have done is “legitimate.” Your own words.

Heres screenshot to remind you:


I have followed every rule, and done this legitimately. That cannot be argued. If you can provide a legitimate explanation, please post one here. But you already said its “legit.” So at this moment you are contradicting yourself.

Ive received over 10,000 views in Venezuela from those who understand/watch english videos, so have an understanding of the language. We are aiming at large adoption in Venezuela. My video explains what SmartCash is and gives a reason to join witha high audience retention rate.

I selected countries and targeted people with knowledge of the English language in several countries where cryptocurrency is prominent. I have made an impact. Now you are deciding all of a sudden that you dont like something, provide no explanation and leave it there?


Why 1 comment and 90k views?

edit: 101k views now.


I had accidentally disabled comments for most of the time. It shows a few comments have been posted in analytics, but for some reason, maybe a glitch? I dont know, they just wont appear. I tried contacting youtube.


I can tell you that 3000 people are shown to have been driven to At this point without me doing anything, about 150 views per hour are being generated. I also planned to reinvest a portion into further promoting SmartCash, and making more videos now that I have a good baseline. I have worked hard for this community.

I couldve cheated, I couldve bought views or comments or whatever, but I did not do so. I advertised my video. Is it then wrong to promote SmartCash?


All I feel like is alot of people have said they are here due to Omars video, not sure about the people viewing your video and its very easy to buy youtube views and likes, and the lack of comments is very weird. See where they are coming from?


I showed Somnium where they are coming from, and allowed him into my account to verify that they are not purchased views, but views that have come through advertising.

The rules are posted above. I can understand purchasing views would make things illegitimate, but is not what I have done. Ive already provided evidence for that.

The contest rules were for most views. I have met the requirements and have gained the most views, legitimately, once again as has been verified by Somnium


All that i personally feel is that you want crypt0 to win as you are the one who posted his video. Why? Well look at his followers. I won the contest and its obvious why youd like to have it taken away. Ive provided evidence and even been verified.


I didn’t choose the winner nor do I care if you win or he does. Point is the funds should go to the one thats legit and effective. I would argue comments are a part of proving that. I am sorry you are feeling frustrated but I am just being honest.

edit: shall we take a poll or would you like to take a chill pill?


The contest had its rule stated here. It was a legitimate video which you keep ignoring and prettending somnium did not verify.

I am not frustrated. Id be frustrated if I was wrong or did something wrong