The Epic SmartCash Community Video Contest - 300,000 In Prizes


Ok so Ill just ignore this and let you be angry since you wanna turn it into a me vs you thing.


I am not turning into me vs you. You are here arguing your point, so I am entitled to have my opinions and point out what I see. Somnium should be commenting here. The rules are the rules and cant be arbitrarily changed after the contest.


‘The rules are the rules’?

“Most Views Video- 150,000 Coins (~$1,500)”

Is all it says, there was no framework for if certain videos would be deemed as violating the purpose of the contest, which again I had no part in choosing the winners of. i was merely explaining the logic from my point of view, but again, you are turning it into a me vs you. I was simply stating common sense based on the thread. But by all means, blame me, whatever makes you ignore the fact you have 100k views, 1 comment, and I have yet to hear someone reference your video as the reason they are here, as opposed to Omars which was been linked and referenced quite a few times. But hey, what do I know…

just fyi, I would be not be upset had you gotten the winnings either way, just letting you know what it looks like to someone outside of your world.


Ok, I appreciate your opinions. Thats what community is about.

However, you seem to also have overlooked my explanation above. Just because there was “no framework” doesnt mean its okay to make one when it wasnt stated. I have spent hours of effort in making the video and promoting it. And that cant be discounted arbitrarily afterwards,


Which I personally appreciate. I am just explaining it from what it looks like to me, not what is official, or correct. Just what it looks like. The internet requires some extra ‘security’ at times like this. Feel free to DM @Somnium or @JuicyG if you wanna discuss further but I dont think arguing here is going to help anything.


I have but have had no response. I had Dmed somnium initially and he verified I was the winner. After Dming him after he changed his mind, I have had no response. Again, your opinion is appreciated, but i dont think youve read the entire thread


Thank you very much…


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Hello who’s video is this ?


I think it’s @barcalogia one



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I messaged you on discord 11 hours ago, will you ever respond? Or would you rather just pretend you didnt do something unjust towards me?


56 subscribers

100k+ “views” on the video

no video comments.

less than 1% of the people up-vote / down-voted

it looks like it is just flat out cheating

the idea of the contest was for it to be a fun event, where people just have a good time and post video - it was like that until someone cheats. if you ever wonder why there are pages and pages of agreement for anything, you are looking at the reason now…


No the total was 150k coins with the value being around 1500 at the time. This can be shown through decentralized tweet where he said the total for the contest was now 18k. I have proof that it wasnt cheating which somnium verified. I put in time, effort, and spent money on promoting smartcash. As per rules, thats what the contest was about.

Rules were that the person with the most views wins the contest. I have eviidence that Somnium had verified my views and also two sources of evidence that crypt0 was always going to be declared the winner no matter what.


Theres also so much youre missing. Such as I targeted english speakers in countries where cryptocurrency is becoming major. I have gained over 12000 views from people in venezuela which is a place we are looking to achieve mass adoption. I have sent 3600 people to the smartcash main site.\

But ohhhhh totally fake even though i have evidence that its real. Ok devs, please keep feeding me more of this.


Have you read the rules of your own contest? It seems like when Somnium told me that he hadnt even looked at my videos in days, and declared a winner anyway the he wanted crypt0 to win. This is backed by him also overlooking franklee’s video. as well as decentralizd posting his videos when crypt0 didnt bother to and then defending him so viciously

See down below? He didnt even look at my video. The winner had been long decided,



your own copypasta indicated that it is under investigation.


yes but thats not the whole convo.