The Epic SmartCash Community Video Contest - 300,000 In Prizes


Theres the rest of the conversation. The rules were the rules. You all wanted someone else to win. Whats obvious is obvious.


The hive has spoken, i have updated to reflect the final outcome from the hive.


Who is the hive? I thought this was a decentralized community. It doesnt even say in the rules that this would come from the hive fund. Just someone who doesnt work for smartcash put up a contest.


COntest was for most views. I got most views legitimately as you verified as per screenshot above.


I made a mistake and prematurely announced you won, but after reviewing the video, it is obvious you cheated.

Im sorry you will still get 500 SmartCash


I obviously did not cheat. Which is why after going into my account you verified that its real in the first place. I did not pay for views. I adverised


The contest was for most views. I accomplished this through use of promotion. This is not cheating. No where in the rules does it state this is cheating. In general this is how large companies promote. Are companies cheating or something?


Say whatever you like. in the end of the day your word was your word. I got the most views through a legitimate source by all industry standards. The rules were the rules and your word was supposed to be your word.


The Epic SmartCash Community Video Contest
$3,000 Prize, aka 300,000 Coins - 3 winners

Most Views Video- 150,000 Coins (~$1,500)
Most Creative Video- 75,000 (~$750)
Most Educational Video- 75,000 (~$750)

It even says “we kept the restrictions simple” up there in the rules


Timeframe: 60 days

Requirements to qualify for prizes:

-Video is posted to YouTube, Vimeo or Dtube.
-Video is somehow related to, about or involving SmartCash, it doesn’t have to be the MAIN focus but it should be a large part of the theme.
-Video has a link back to SmartCash in the description and mentions the contest in some format.
-Video MUST be unique.

Some notes:

Be creative, we don’t care whether its a real life video, an animated short, an interview with 100 people about SmarCash or just a clever comedy video related to SmartCash, we want to encourage alot of out of the box thinking with this one so we kept the restrictions simple, we want the most creative, most hard working community members to have a chance to show their skills and be reimbursed for their creative work!

Also note; everyone Video with that qualifies and also includes a SmartCash address in either the video itself or the description will be getting a surprise participation fee, so even if you don’t win it’s worth the time it takes to make a fun video!

Questions, comments and submissions below please! Please post your entries in this thread.


How can you argue your own words? That doesnt make sense. I got most views and worked damn hard too using a legitimate resouce that is well known as legitimate and provided proof.


I see the prize has been issued. I am still owed what I am owed and have won fairly regardless.


Did I win something? anything is greatly apprecaited.

Generated from the Smart Cash QT Wallet:

Payment information
URI: smartcash:SXGQDDNa6sUK2iP4RnQCX4FMkhjZrCUrCw?label=smartcashvideo
Address: SXGQDDNa6sUK2iP4RnQCX4FMkhjZrCUrCw
Label: smartcashvideo



Still paying the rest of you guys the 500 SmartCash please sit tight !

Facing some technical problems, should be sorted soon.


All Participation rewards have been PAID !


I did not receive anything :slightly_frowning_face:, did not enter the award? my video was: Smartcash con Monkeycoin and my address is: SWX7FTwCZ9Fxyx2X6DuPoxUhKSAr6V4Grd



Σ 500.00 ( $ 31.1021 )
Transaction ID: 8d1d6d8cb9b9dd07e47673cdac4edd64dabd71c71d6830cc41a72963557b7230


Thank you :hearts: :star_struck: :grin:


You guys should do a video contest once a quarter, or bi-yearly, so new people can participate in the program.