The idea: to create an open, accessible to all people document for reporting in Google docs


Watching the SmartCash and the features of the accounting process on the forum, I came up with the idea of creating a document in Google with shared access.
Ambassadors can enter there data about who is engaged in a particular work and what means have been allocated for this.
For example, as with the French translation.
If it is approved by the community, the french translation project will be included in this table with the description of the participants, the reward and the terms of implementation.
This will avoid many problems of misunderstanding. This will create a clear and understandable reporting for all community members. People will know for what purposes money is allocated and who participates in a particular project.
The situation with the Russian translation is incomprehensible.
For example, if a Google document contains information that someone is already translating a particular article, or section of a website, then it would be clear that another translation is not needed.
If no one does this, you can propose your candidacy.
I want to do a better SmartCash, so I suggest this idea.
Also I suggest a high-quality translation of the website into Russian, but so far it is obviously not necessary, although there is a similar discussion in the Russian group in Telegram, but again - no one is saying who is making the translation!
Such secrecy seems strange.
This document should cover any initiatives.
It should provide a more simple interaction of all participants.
All participants will understand whether their assistance is needed in a particular case.
And they will be able to participate more effectively in the of SmartCach community.

I would like to know what the community thinks on this initiative?


Hi, Semptly. The global solution to the problem is being developed in order to efficiently organize multilanguage translation process here:

You’ve already left your comment, now the project is developed further. Please share your opinion on the pre-proposal.


@Semptly To be honest I was observing everyone at telegram channel and what I found out is that despite of the fact I repeatedly asked everyone to specifically point out what is wrong with the translation, except one guy named " Illya" no one else seemed to bother to give their input on the actual problem. Everybody was busy promoting themselves as a translator and saying that they can do it better.

Moreover, sorry for a delayed response here, please check slack channel. I have messaged you there. Lets work together towards the solution.

And for such purpose only SmartCash publishes Monthly report for all the users which have complete details of all the projects that are approved, Funds allocated, How these funds will be spent etc.