This Is It? Can It Be More?


So… Respectfully speaking, I was SUPER excited about joining this community, and actually, the MasterNode world in general. After stumbling upon SMART, I was hooked, then decided to jump into MNs head first. After learning about SmartNodes, I was hooked, and took one Saturday morning, launching over 15 nodes in a day (all different coins).

Out of EVERY MN launched, I was in the game within hours/days, with the longest being 5 days… With the exception of SMART.

Trust, I am not trying to cultivate defectors, but this is more to divulge my sentiment, and perhaps my slowly growing impatience… So after a month, I finally get a SMARTNODE payment 148.9, whereas each other MN, I have received dozens of payments, as of this point in time.

Community seems amazing ++
SmartHive ++
Voting ++
Other Features ++

Which all leads to the inquiry-- IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET MORE w/SMARTNODES?? or am I capped at variable monthly payouts?


Hi, I don’t really know how the systems work but the first month of my SmartNode it was just running and not getting payed (heard it was normal) and now I have gotten six payments in the last 2 months.
the payout will eventually average out, so you end up having an average monthly payout.


1.2 will reduce the initial wait period. If you don’t send out transactions you will also get SmartRewards: