Time snapshot on 25th


It is not clear to me when the snapshot will be taken on the 25th each month. I don’t know if I was on time today. Made the transaction to my wallet at 4 AM UTC.



Thanks, do you know what the reward % will start at for next month?


it will update every 6 hours so you will have to wait and see what it is



newb question, am i staking if smart is in my smart web wallet? think i’ve had it in my wallet for over a month and no change.


Yes, you may use web wallet for SmartRewards. If you want to be sure that you are eligible for SmartRewards, you should keep SMARTs from 24th of any given month till 26th of the next month (to avoid confusion caused by different time zones). You should not send any amount of SMARTs from eligible wallet, though you can top it up (receive funds). If you think that all the conditions were met, then you should contact the support team. :wink:


thanks buddy for the reply, i will hodl!


do keep in mind that you are not staking!

you are not required to have anything open or keep your computer running!

this is just your rewards! :slight_smile:


in the web wallet you have 3 addresses by default. 2 are called rewards and thats where you can stake. if you keep your smart in the spending account its likely that you are not staking. if you click on edit on a an address there is a little ticker box called reward that you need to tick.
check it.