Tour of Merchants Adoption in Lara Venezuela!


Hello SmartCash community! My name is Rafael Loyo I am an economics student at UCLA in Lara Venezuela. For a couple of months together with several colleagues from the university we decided to start a community here

Part of the work we have done for smartcash can be found in the instagram account and in the following links:
Firts Meetup
Second Meetup

A web portal covered one of our meetups:

This proposal contains a translation into Spanish and Portuguese at the end for those who need it
Proposal in portuguese and spanish:
Portuguese And Spanish

Accelerate the adoption of businesses in Lara State in Venezuela. Making visits to the shops of the city and add them to the SmartCash cause. For 4 months we will be visiting the most popular shops in Lara State and we will get at least 2 shops per week to accept SmartCash as payment.


  1. Minimum of 32 shops accepting payment with smartcash at the end of the proposal.
  2. Create wallets to the people who attend and teach them how to use it.
  3. Show people how easy and fast transactions are in the shops via smartcard-smartpay. 4. Delivery of informative leaflets explaining the procedures step by step.
  4. Increase the presence of SmartCash in Lara State.
  5. Grow the social networks of SmartCash Lara to reach more people.
  6. Encourage nearby businesses to which we will visit to also accept SmartCash as a form of payment.
  7. Establish SmartCashLara as a consolidated group that will provide support to each trade and person that requires it.

How will we achieve it?

The SmartCashLara team will travel and contact via social networks and in person the various shops in the city, to offer them the opportunity to be part of this project in which they will have the opportunity to include this fantastic form of payment, evolving and expanding their merchant. And at the same time encouraging the adoption in more stores showing the facilities of SmartCash to customers, they will be offered the purchase of 70$ in products to all customers that day that attend the trade.

The day that SmartCashLara decides to take action in the stores will be discussed in advance to promote the event, via social networks of SmartCashLara and the merchant in question in order to ensure a high influx of customers.

The day we will make a presence will be responsible for teaching people to attend what is SmartCash and how they can use it to pay for goods and services, we will teach them to transfer via wallet to wallet, by mail, through SMS, how to create the smartcard and how to load it with funds, the different Exchange where you can acquire SmartCash and how to acquire SmartCash with bolivares (currency of Venezuela).
In addition, we will provide support to businesses to assist them in installing the SmartCard Business and employees to use SmartPay as receive tips by SmartPay.

At the end of our visit we will leave in the merchant a number of information brochures where step by step will be explained how to acquire SmartCash, how to create the wallet, how to use it, how to create the SmartCard and other points mentioned above, so that in this way the future customers who visit the stores can learn to buy and make payments with the currency and serve as a form of advertising.

Why will we do it this way?

Although entrepreneurial fairs, conferences, meetup and forums are necessary to promote SmartCash, we have been able to show that a more effective way, although with greater work, is personal and dedicated to the merchant itself.

The culture of cryptocurrency, although it is booming in Venezuela, is difficult for most people, so dedicating exclusive time to each location to advise and serve as support is the best way to increase adoption.

What do we need?


They will be used as uniforms, in order to create a sense of institutional support that will create confidence to the businesses and clients when we introduce ourselves and teach how to use SmartCash to pay for goods and services.


Amount that will be delivered to customers present the day we organize the presentation so that it is used exclusively to buy in the store. In this way, the trade will be easily incentivized to accept SmartCash because it will benefit in the short term.

Information brochures:

Brochures that will explain in detail how to buy SmartCash, the different Exchanges where it is listed, how to buy SmartCash with bolivars, how to create the wallet, how to create the SmartCard, how to send SmartCash with SMS and email and also It will serve as advertising for SmartCash.


SmartCash stickers and the SmartCash logo are distributed to the stores so that people who attend know that they can pay with SmartCash and stickers to give to customers as a souvenir and that support SmartCash.


Payment for the transport of the equipment to go to the different shops being necessary due to the transport of delicate and high-value items.


PVC printing of the SmartCard for SmartCashLara members to show customers how to use it and thus see how SmartCash can replace common debit cards.

Administrative Services:

Payment for the SmartCash team for the work done during four months. We will strive even more so that in the largest amount of commerce accept SmartCash as payment.

Joint proposal:

This idea of adoption comes from me, a member of the SmartCashLara community and Anthony Montecalvo @amontecal1 member of the SmartCash Carabobo community.

Which means that this initiative will be applied in both Lara and Carabobo at the same time. In order to recover the national SmartCash Venezuela community.

Both communities will be dedicated to adding more and more businesses to the SmartCash cause for the mutual benefit of our cryptocurrency and the citizens of Venezuela!

Here the link to the proposal of the other community. Adoption of SmartCash in 32 potential stores in Valencia - Venezuela

We leave the idea of this project free so that anyone who wants it can imitate what we hope to achieve and in this way increase the adoption of businesses in Venezuela.

Please ask them to share their doubts and help us with any kind of suggestion to carry out our project!

Required budget

The budget will be divided into the following amounts:

First month:

For purchase of items ordered and preparation 1520$

Second month:

To encourage merchants and team salaries 1160$

Third month:

To encourage merchants and team salaries 1160$

Fourth month:

To encourage merchants and team salaries 1160$

The estimated time of this proposal is four months. We want to be effective, productive and do an excellent job.
We plan to take the beginnings for the day 15/10/18 until 11/02/19
The date is not exactly estimated, but we plan to start those days.

Adoption of SmartCash in 32 potential stores in Valencia - Venezuela

It was a great idea, and it is a good project in which we want to work with all the will to achieve the best in our city Valencia and its surroundings.
I wish you good luck and we hope good results with the proposals, to carry this out in our cities.
@smartcashlara United @scashvalecia

Smart Zone: Merchant Adoption Program and SmartCard in Venezuela!

your gonna do the same job of amontecal in valencia city? at the same time?

please let me know more


yes! both communities will be doing the same at the same time but in different cities of Venezuela!


Excelent idea to replicate in other countrys and states, work together with other comunities go ahead!


In the union is the strength, great idea boys, that SmartCash keeps growing!


Excellent job boys, the adoption of shops :+1:


It sounds more like a really good idea. Those people are going to love you once they feel how great it is to receive payments via smartpay.


yes! Sure they will love it. And more when they use the smartcard haha


Great idea let SmartCash be legitimately viral! The SmartCard will make the difference. Successes!