Trending and creating awareness for smartcash on twitter



Social media is in fact a force to reckon with,online presence has shown to really contribute to development and adoption of most Internet project because of active Internet users and interest shown by them,hence the introduction of a weekly campaign for smartcash on twitter.
This initiative is not just to tweet about the goodies involved in being a smarty,the twitter campaign (Smart session) should enlighten and spread that smart awareness across to newbies, crypto enthusiast, investors also etc through social media users,twitter platform acting as the medium of communication and also marketing smartcash on social media through this this orchestrated method.

Introduction and a quick dive into the proposal

My name is Destiny Marshall, Aka @marshalllife on steemit,golos and also on smartcash forum,also founder of project Atlas, a project created to promote crypto related activities on social networking platforms like Smartcash.

The project Atlas are group of networking individuals (team)on the Internet ready to swing in to action and use our professional marketing skills/knowledge with our intellectual and interactive gifts to draw more investors and builders to any project through social media campaigns.

I am an active member of team smartcash on steemit for quite a while now,won best article of the week with my smartcash Team music and also smart MVP twice or thrice on a roll.

The idea of promoting smartcash is call for, to educate newbies and lovers of both smartcash and blockchain technology, also to create mass awareness of the beautiful project and a weekly campaign on twitter with the atlas crowd force,i am certain we can trend smartcash on twitter for 2 months and get that smart words out to the world.

The twitter campaign will last for 8 weeks and any fiat remaining after the 8 weeks will be used to continue and further the campaign even after the 8 weeks campaign proposal are over ( 2months).
Overall report and analysis will be posted on smartcash forum as a proposal to show the total campaign activities, impressions and reached. and if the smart hive are pleased with the results given from the next proposal they can endorsed the proposal again for another 2months or so on to a loop.

I organized a demo campaign for smartcash which lasted for 2 days with my atlas team of 8 individuals but we got total results of 17 Contributors, meaning 9 unknown individuals joined with the demo campaign, twas awesome and this was the result of the campaign.


  • 102 tweets
  • 3 Replies 2.94%
  • 720,325 Potential impacts
  • 115,657 Potential
  • reach 17 Contributors

You can look up our activities here

and use any analytics machine to gather results with this hashtag.

If this process and method of creating smartcash awareness yield more results with our online efforts like we expecting it to be, i will have to make a proposal of such for Facebook and instagram with the atlas trending force.

Smartcash Campaign Proposal FAQ

  • How many twitter users will participate,how will they know about smartcash project ?

Ans- on our discord channel where every of activities takes place, we make announcement and volunteers are made to Accept the campaign terms and conditions,then they have to go to the website, read and fully understand every possible details of the project, more than 70 individuals can accept and approximately 15 to 20 tweets daily .

  • If the crowd force are to be tagging smartcash at same time, this could be see as spamming on Twitter platform (New twitter updated rules) .

Yes it will be see as spam and get the tagged account suspended.

We have improved and rebranded the way we run campaigns for project due to the new rules of twitter,the accepted individuals are said to Trend smartcash as a force with 45mins interval for each tweets, disobeying this rules we get him banned from the group,and as professional media marketers they should know this even without being told.

  • How do you intend to run the campaign and pay accepted users.

ans- we run the campaigns the same way we did for all our previously successful campaigns,with the fiat funded for this campaign proposal,volunteers are paid according to the uniqueness,twitter followers and the impacts their tweets made for each week,payment will be done each week after week successful campaigns report.

  • What is the benefits of this campaign?

Ans:The benefits comes with a lot of advantages and unseen future merit,if this is carried out weekly for the project, apart from investors seeing the smartcash ecosystem as an active and not a dead project, the campaign will spread awareness,we also might be holding some smartcash lectures through the organized short tweeting session.

  • What will happen to the unused fiat after 8weeks target.

each week,i am to spend 525 USD, and more volunteers or less might participate on this campaign, but assuredly it would last a minimum of 8weeks but if the fiat is available after the 8weeks the remaining fiat will be used for continuity of the campaign even to 9th to 10th week until the fiat is exhausted, the Campaign activities and reports will be reported on a weekly, on the smartcash forum and on steemit blog for visibility check and accountability.

This proposal will be live on Friday 6th of April on the smart hive voting portal where proposals like this one is funded for initiation,

Total Amount for 2months twitter campaign : 4200 USD

  • 520 USD maximum to spend each week, unused fiat will trigger continuous campaign until fiat is completely spent for another proposal to be endorsed for continuity.

Continuing of the Smartcash Awareness Campaign On Twitter with my team

updating the price - its 525 weekly (A typo) to sum up 4200usd for the eight weeks (2 months)

on smarthive discord proposal, i was advised to open an analytic account with keyhole, give the tracking details to the open, so anybody can track the process and activities being carried out as much as the results.
keyhole subscription fee for 2months =$358
Total of all expenses = $ 358 + 4200usd = $4558


It could work. Nice idea!


thanks for the feed back, i believe it will,
"This might just turn out to be the cracker"
anyways the proposal is up and running :slight_smile:
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