Trouble setting up SmartNode


I have 10k smart. I went through the smart cash tutorial and did all the steps. I put 10k into a single address. Setup a VPS with Vultr. When I get to the last steps about starting my smart node I get an error message about that the node is unable to start. I try to select the smart node in the smart cash software to restart it. It says the node is restarting then just hangs and goes back to an inactive state. If I can get someone responding to this thread I can explain more details and give Error messages. This is my first time setting up a smart node.


Thanks for reaching out. There could be many issues causing this.

  1. Please verify that smartcashd is running successfully and on the current block on your node. smartcash-cli getinfo and smartcash-cli smartnode status from the command line on your VPS will give you the output needed to determine this.
  2. Please verify that smartcash.conf on your desktop system is configured with the proper IP address for the node
  3. Please confirm the genkey is the same in smartnode.conf on your desktop and smartcash.conf on your node. It may help to generate a fresh genkey as it is possible there was a typo or copy paste issue when generating it the first time.
  4. Please verify the firewall is configured properly with port 9678 open on your VPS.

These are the most likely causes from the brief explanation of your issue. If none of these resolve it, or you are in need of troubleshooting assistance, please join us in #smartnodes on our discord to get live assistance.


How do I open the VPS port? Vultr server with unbuntu and bash running.


@therealsparks with bash installer it will automatic open port 9678 for you.
Check to make sure smartcashd are running in your VPS
from Desktop check to connect to your vps by telnet your-VPS-IP 9678 and see did it open or not