Trouble starting up third smartnode


I have successfully set up my first two smartnodes, and I am working towards the third one now. All three are on separate VPS’s. I updated the smartnode.conf file in C:/User/AppData/Roaming/Smartcash to reflect the third smartnode and went through the same motions as when I made the second one. However, when it finished installing the blocks and I clicked ‘start alias’ on Smartnode3, when I do ‘smartcash-cli smartnode status’ it returns: “Not capable smartnode: Invalid protocol version”

What could this be? My node client is updated to the latest version as of the date of writing (which is v1.2.1 on 6/24/2018). I tried everything I could think to do, but my knowledge on this is limited. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!




Okay, so after updating to v1.2.1 and restarting the alias, it’s working now! (I was originally on v1.1.1 and I was getting the above problem, so then I updated the wallet and started this thread before I figured out I should just click ‘start alias’)

Lessons learned:
Update wallet regularly when new versions come out!


Please upgrade to v1.2.2


1.2.3 is the latest :slight_smile: