Upgrade mining algorithm to ProgPoW


LDR: Increase decentralization and drive new community adoption by changing the mining algorithm to ProgPoW.

ProgPoW is an algorithm that is purpose built by hardware engineers to exercise all parts of the silicon on a graphics card. Ethereum is planning on changing their algorithm to ProgPoW in the next hard fork (March time frame).

It is a fact that there are more people with GPUs in their household than ASICs. Changing to ProgPoW allows the coins to get distributed more fairly and evenly in the world. It also reduces the risk of attack from large Chinese ASIC farms gathering the majority of the coins. More people will join or rally behind SmartCash if they can easily mine the coin at home.

Don’t take my word for it, please do your own research. It would be a great move for SmartCash and the rest of the industry would take notice!

Here is a link to a medium article explaining everything.

Here is all the code on github. https://github.com/ifdefelse/ProgPOW

For specific questions, the mineority discord (progpow section) would be a great place to get any details or help.https://discord.gg/HnJSDf2

Lets bring new blood into the SmartCash community and increase decentralization in the process!


I’ve read about ProgPoW and it certainly seems a candidate to add to a future hardfork along with other changes.

"FPGAs can be much more performing than GPUs for some kinds of algorithms, in which the amount of logical operations prevails on memory access. Let’s take into account Keccak, a purely logical algorithm, and also one of the first made publicly available, that on the newest FPGA reaches 20 GH/s, while on one 1080TI GPUs hardly overcomes 1.3 GH/s. The difference is remarkable.

FPGAs usage is not limited to only logical algorithms: for example ethash for Ethereum is utmost the memory-hard algorithm. It is true that thanks to the DAG the central part of it fully exploits the super fast HBM2 of AMD GPUs technology, but for each calculated hash, one Keccak hash is made twice. Therefore the GPU is anything but optimized. Consider if it was possible to delegate the logical part (Keccak) of the hash to one FPGA and the memory part to one GPU: the results obtained would mean a significant performance improvement and would be the long expected cure-all to increase the existing GPU rigs performance."


That is the most positive thing I’ve heard yet! Appreciate the feedback.


Yeah. Short term, Keccak is fine. But eventually there will be FPGAs for that (maybe already are?). Prog-pow can help for that. Certainly worth considering. In the 120 years emission schedule there certainly can be some consensus algorithm changes.


Do you know who first gave a theory on this algorithm? Where can I get more information?

besides becoming, maybe you have the name of the organization or the name of the person who entered the theory