Upgrade your SmartNodes to 1.2.2 version (Mac Version)


Upgrade your SmartNodes to 1.2.2 version (Mac Version)

by @controllinghand
Updated 6/24/2018 * v1.2.2 fixes multiple issues including WatchDog error
Updated 6/24/2018
Original 6/22/2018

Please visit this official link https://smartcash.cc/smartcash-v1-2-release-announcement-and-instructions/
If you want to see screen shots you can use this guide otherwise all information you need are provided in the above link.

The new version of smartnodes has arrived. It’s time to upgrade the environment.

Step 1

download and upgrade your smartcash wallet to 1.2.2
Go to Node Wallets section

  1. If you have a Mac https://github.com/SmartCash/Core-Smart/releases/download/v1.2.2/smartcash-1.2.2-osx.dmg
  2. after you have upgraded check your version. You should see 1.2.2

  3. Make your you Wallet is in sync. Check for the check-mark in the bottom right of the wallet

Step 2

  1. logon to your VPS (if you installed as smartadmin or root make sure you are issuing the following commands as that user)
  2. smartcash-cli stop
  3. sudo apt-get update
  4. sudo apt-get upgrade (and hit Y)
  5. smartcashd -reindex *Note if you already upgrade to a 1.2 version you can just type smartcashd no need to reindex.

Then it will take a while (30 minute or so) until its done indexing and can be started from wallet.
You can type smartcash-cli getinfo and watch your blocks until they reach the current block count. It will pause on block 0 for a few mins so be patience.

Validate version is 1020200
protocolversion is 90026
Block is at the latest block

Once synced

Step 3 start alias on your wallet

Step 4 Check the status of your smartnode

  1. smartcash-cli smartnode status

If you see “Smartnode successfully started” your are done

*note your wallet will take a while to go from pre-enabled to ENABLED



Thanks for the guide @controllinghand ! :grin: !


awesome, this is a big moment InstantPay getting activated so that the smartnodes will be usefull to the network. hope I will be able to use InstantPay soon.

Hi, this link is not working also the links on https://smartcash.cc/wallets/ don’t work.


@OwnControl they work for me.


Thanks for this guide!
@controllinghand please update the download link to 1.2.1

Also no need to remove peers?


I see they are also working for me now. seems like the problem is solved.


@colahenk Thanks for the update.
I have updated the document.


Great and simple guide. Thanks! After installing I had an issue with my block file getting corrupted. I bootstrapped again, and no issues.


How do you start your VPS and update ubuntu? Step 2 is unclear for me. Please can someone elaborate?


Do you have a VPS (Virtual Private Server)? you needed one to setup a smartnode. If yes then do you know how to log into it?

If no then ping me on the smartcash discord.


@controllinghand, Yes I’m running 8 nodes. Do i just type the commands into the terminal like “smartcash-cli stop” and then go from there?


I run my nodes on Vultr server so I dont think i have a VPS. Im good at following instructions its just somewhat unclear on exactly what someone should do here… Upgrade your SmartNodes to 1.2.2 version (Mac Version)
Just a bit of clarification should suffice :wink: Thanks for your continued support
@controllinghand Maybe you can make a real simple explaination of this step by step for non-computer people?


I was able to do it through a “view console” option on Vultr. I’ll figure out how to do everything through terminal eventually. I obviously started the nodes that way but was following instructions closely and haven’t got how to use all functionality through terminal quite yet. Thanks for all your help :slight_smile: