US Pool Website seems to be Down , Europe is damn slow - only Asia seems to be working


Since US and Europe Pool Websites are nearly down since days i looked at the Asia Pool , one anonymous User is there with up to 7 Terrahash mining power is playing with the difficult Level . From 1 Terrahash to seven -it s always the same anonymous because on the 2 nd Place is an anonymous with 0,7 - 0,75 Terrahash - that Value is nealy stable .
The one on the 1 st place always lower the hash rate if it seems that the difficult Level should go up .

I think it s suspicious that one Pool works as it should and US and Europe Websites are nearly down .

If one User has up to 1/3 ( Botnet ? other Pool ? ) of the complete mining Power is that decentral ?

Doesn t look it suspicious that this User seems to have a freely selectable hash rate with up to 9 Terrahash at peak ?