Using Smartcash to invest in high yield bonds (Business model Similar to NEXO)


My name is Gohar Iqbal and I’m from Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan. I’m 23 years old. I have graduated from Lahore School of Economics (LSE) in Accounting and Finance. My last year thesis was on “Factor affecting the price on Bitcoin” and wrote the book “Financial Freedom”. My father has been running the travel agency for the past 25 years under the name “Gohar Iqbal International” Licence No. 1915 LHR. You can check the agency on Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment using this website My thesis, book, and business card will be provided below.

My business model is similar to that of the Nexo where you can earn 8% while I can earn up to 14% percent and the interest is paid monthly. The principal amount is safe as there will be no risk involved. I will by Pakistan Investment Bond (PIB)(13%)(Semiannual) and Behbood Saving Certificate(14.25%)(Monthly) (denominated in PKR) and other Sukuk bonds ( Denominated in Euro and Dollar) (6-8%).

Name of Security Currency Denominator Coupon rate Interest paid

Pakistan Investment Bond PKR 13.25 Semiannual

Behbood Saving Certificate PKR 14.25 Monthly

Euro and other Sukuk Bond Euro and Dollar 6-8 Semiannual

I’m looking forward to your reply and I hope we can discuss more on Skype. Regards.

Muhammad Gohar Iqbal
Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan


what’s this got to do with Smartcash?

just spam??


It is not a scam. It is an investment opportunity. There are many countries where the interest rate are low so the people in that countries get a very low yield on their bonds. For example in US the interest rate paid on 10 year bond is around 3 percent. Whereas there are some countries where the interest rate are negative such as Japan and Switzerland. I am opening a mutual fund where the people can invest using cryptocurrencies and people can earn interest up to 10-14 percent. Here is the website to check the rates.
The link below give the annual coupon rate for the last 20 years.