Visual Guide to Pool Mining using Sgminer



Nice step by step guide. People like visual guides. It’s much easier to figure out what the next step is. :+1:


Its funny because after posting it @ccodam reminded me that i didnt need to define a worker step, it happens automatically if you create it via the .bat file instead of the create in the pool then use it in the .bat file etc.

Visual Guide to Mining with Windows 10 and AMD GPU

So i followed your guide but i get this error when i start up.

sgminer-x64’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Any ideas??


@themmahippie are you using a 64 bit operating system ? and can you take a screenshot of the directory you are launching the bat file from ?


do you know why there seem to be less files in the minerzip idownloaded??


And your launching by running the eth.cmd file ?


different versions of sgminer can have different config setups.


yes,am i supposed to create a seperate bat file for the command as well?


i downloaded from the poolpage


No, all you need to do is edit the “eth.cmd” file, delete everything in it, then, replace it with the bellow, making sure to update it with your user/pass.

@echo off
echo “starting up sgminer”


Call :start




sgminer-x64 -k keccak -o stratum+tcp:// -u youruser -p yourpassword




Which pool are you registered with, the eu-pool or the us-pool ?


imregistered with the us pool


then in the line with the stratum+tcp://pool edit so its etc


when finished save the file, exit notepad, then run the file, all should work then.


theuser and passwrd are fromthe pool correct? u- hollywood.rig1 -p x


correct, in the user.worker format.

mine for example is u- hockleyj.slave -p xxxx


thats exactly whati putand itstill gives the same error
do i need to create a conf file in my user appdata roming file?


thanxso much for your help
yea just messaged you on slack


are you also on the Slack chat ? i can help you better there