Voting for adding SmartCash to Cobinhood!


I wrote a small petition about listing SmartCash on the revolutionary zero-fees Cobinhood exchange.

Cobinhood is new cryptocurrency exchange wich has sweet zero-fees strategy and it will attract many traders soon. It is important to list SmartCash there now, while the listing does not present any special difficulties

Voting is live now!

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is this one of the deals where you have to buy tokens to vote?


No, just register and vote.


I have voted :slight_smile: Good work


What is this exchange? A couple of paid custom-made articles and all? Are you seriously ready to invest your money there? This exchange is not in the top 400BTC according to the data of the coinmarket. Think …
Similarly, with a CryptoBridge. Also there is no information. I therefore do not bring out my smart. We need normal exchanges. At least from the top100BTC.


Cobinhood is fairly new to the market. I’ve heard good things though.


Is this a direct rip off of the very popular Robinhood trading app? Robinhood is going tostart trading crypto starting this year.


Yes! we need more exchanges


I think that you should read more about the robinhood app model