Wallet needs optimizations


Sync is so slow.

The wallet is the showcase of the smartcash and should inspire confidence. But at the moment it’s not really the case.


how so? its working just great for me.

  1. in case you want to upgrade to 1.0.0
    Please follow guide
  2. in case you just want to sync fast ( make sure you have wallet version 1.0.0)
    2.1 If you want to add peers I have some nodes for you
    Click “Help” then “Debug window” and select "Console"
    then in the console enter -
    addnode add
    addnode add
    addnode add
    2.2 Create config file with name (smartcash.conf) in data folder
    If you just want to sync fast put connect=seed.smrt.cash in your config (no other add nodes)
    It forces you to only connect to a single 1.0.0 version seed node, which is not what you want for sending transactions
    Once you are sync’d remove that line.


I’m on version 1.0.0 but it tooks hours to sync, even with the bootstrap. Without bootstrap it should take weeks.

Thank you for tricks.


Why you don’t use LevelDB in place of Berkeley DB ?


@pekinight please update your wallet to v1.0.1


I did but I had to put the data folder on my SSD to speed up sync and even on my SSD it took all night to sync. I think it should rely more on RAM cache to avoid disk congestion. I’m pretty sure the DB could be optimized. I will try to check the code source for this but I am amateur on DB.


When you used bootstrap file it will much more fast to sync