Watching Wallet Will Not Sweep (Private key & seed available)


Long story short: Has old smartcash masternode running, server got wiped out and shutdown. With that said, I was able to use the private key to import funds but added as a watching wallet only.

The watching wallet now has the funds showing as available in lower-left corner. I have the seed and private key from when this wallet was originally created.

Moving forward, I created a new wallet with a new seed. How do I now sweep or transfer the funds from the watching wallet to the new wallet? It asks for the key when sweeping, however receive error “no inputs found. (Note that inputs need to be confirmed)”.

I see that my watching wallet has the same original receiving address too from when I first setup the wallet. So not sure how that works when that address originally had a seed associated with it, and now it doesn’t. Confused and not sure what to do, feel like I’ve tried everything. Please help!