We Must Add more Support (Raspberry, ARM, Odroid)


Hey guys so if you go to get a pivx wallet for example you can get it for arm computers llike raspberry pi’s and odroid etc. So we should cross compile the smartcash wallet to arm. This would expand i reach because more people will be able to use the wallet. So people could run nodes or other things.

Later tonight i’m going to try to cross compile it for my odroid XU4 and i can do it. I will do it for other devices. I’m not that experienced but i can give it a shot.

I hope people help me and this is good. :slight_smile:


I like the idea. I would also add trezor


What else runs on ARM 9… every point of sale terminal you see at the gas station/grocery store/any store…think about it

@Decentralizd think about itttt


I would also add windows mobile haha.

Cuz its what i have,and the apps and wallets its very scarce :slight_smile:


Ya I got the daemon on odroid I’m going to get the qt on odroid next I know how windows phone feelsbadman


Ha! I am the biggest windows phone fan…

I had gone through… Lumia 800,900, 925, 1020,1520,950XL, and then HP X3.

Now i am on a Galaxy Note because nothing works on windows phone :confused:


Ya i had a lumia 635 but it had no support so i couldn’t use it. :slightly_frowning_face: