Мы должны перевести эти ( We need to translate these. )



мы должны перевести эти .

Link #1

Link #2

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Link #9


@cryptodate can we add one of the how to mine smartcash articles ?


Yes absolutely… i forgot earlier… thanks @hockleyj

Link #1

Link #2


Hello, I will start from translating “$3000 prize …” Is there a reward for this translation? Anyway, please give me url where to insert text in Russian? Thanks


In the process of translating over 60k thousand characters. Today or tomorrow will be downloaded


I can do the translation of articles from Steemit or other platforms. Perhaps, it is still necessary…


@cryptodate count on me also, yet we need to distribute the work among people to avoid double work. And estimate effort rewards as well ))


Everyone… who would like to translate or submit fresh content in Russian language. Please feel free to join Russian telegram channel for better co-ordination as to what content is been covered already for translation : https://t.me/smartcashru


also, check this out too : The Σ 100,000 (5 Winners) SmartCash Writing Contest! Bring your A+ creative skills and explore SmartCash!

Bad translation website into Russian

I will look in to this a bit later, current translations…just horrible.


I’d lke to translate, though it won’t play a good role at the moment. I think the main page, guidlines and all the interfaces should be fully translated first, then we may promote in Russian. Otherwise people may be spooked not understanding much. What do you think?


Hello, i translated this https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@hannahlicious/getting-my-wallet-ready-for-smartrewards-get-paid-to-hold-your-crypto but cant post it because only 1 img and 1 link for new users. Can you remoove this restrictions?