Web Wallet not working - Can not send coins



In web wallet I cannot send my coins to reward address, when I trying it shows:

Error: Transaction could not be complete, maybe try with a smaller amount

Please help, this is last day to do it to get the reward…

I haven’t understood how to attach screenshot.


I have a lot of coins, but even 1 coin cannot be sent! :frowning:



Did you import smartcash from desktop to web wallet or mine to this smartcash address?
In the case that you have too many input ( ~> 50) you need consolidate it first



If you need further help to consolidate it please join discord at http://discord.smartcash.cc/ there is a web wallet channel


Yeah, I have mined it.
How to consolidate?


Do you have desktop wallet? i only known how to do it in desktop wallet

  1. Export your private-key from web wallet and import to desktop wallet

  2. consolidate


Thank you for help!

Sorry, I faced some problems with this part:

Point is there no private key in a file exported from WebWallet, so what to place instead yourPrivateKeyInWalletImportFormat?
When I tryed to input address, it shows:

Oh, seems that I’m missing this reward :(((


You should go to Discord for quick response. Private key are string start with “V” character