Website categories - time to change?


Hi everyone. This topic is addressed to both public and hive teams. Bright thoughts come out of the blue and I saw the site in a different prospective. Let’s see what we have at the top - main categories:

What Is SmartCash?
Get SmartCash

Now let’s think of what is missing here? I’d say we are missing the core thing. The thing, that SmartCash is all about. I saw many times here on forum “SmartCash is not an investment”. Then why, why our website looks like it is selling SmartCash as an investment?

What is SmartCash? Ultimately, we are aimed to become a wonderful payment solution, aren’t we? So we have to give some credit to buyers and merchants, right? Have a look how I see main categories:

What Is SmartCash?
Shop with SmartCash
For merchants
Get SmartCash

I think (I may be wrong) SmartNodes currently don’t need to have a dedicated link on a main page - it is just technical means of blockchain functionality, right? Yes, it adds to price stabilization, that’s why I may be wrong in whether or not it’s a time to move the link. Though I guess the number of nodes looks good enough for the system to work efficiently. Also, not everyone is able host a node due to a number of reasons. The link can happily migrate to Resourses category.

Now to the new categories. Shop with SmartCash should include a nicely presented list of all shops currently accepting SmartCash. The list should include shopping categories and filter options - well-bulit for the brighter future where we should see hundreds and thousands of merchants.

For merchants category should introduce SmartCash as a payment method with transaction capacity and average time data with the mention of upcoming InstaPay. Category should include tasty and easy to use guides on current APIs, technologies and plugins (like Woocommerce) for merchants to accept SmartCash as a payment method. The value of SmartCash not only belongs to the community, but to the adoption and the real use cases. I see the merchants are the ones that should be currently attracted with appealing and easy integration guides.

Things for the future. The Resourses category may be better with some charts and stats like transaction per day, transaction fees, hash rate and difficulty (looking weird though lately), unique addresses count etc.

I hope to hear what all the community thinks about new categories. Is it the right time to start working in this direction? Currently SmartCash website does not speak to people outside of crypto-space.


The forum looks abandoned by thinking people. A couple of likes and not a single response. This topic is not for funding, just general discussion on SmartCash appearance. Some marketing research stated that the first seconds of first-time visitor most affect his desicion to stay or leave.

Come on, guys, what do you think? @cryptodate @Semptly @Decentralizd @fairypark @lukestokes @nitego @Proteus


Да, всё верно - SmartCash это не инвестиции. Но SmartCash - это криптовалюта, сосредоточенная вокруг сообщества и децентрализованной экономики. И мы криптовалюта здесь и сейчас, а позиционирование в качестве платёжного решения будет лишь со временем, когда нас будут принимать всё больше и больше во всём мире. Возможно, тогда будет нужно изменить категории сайта, ведь мы станем чем-то большим и общепринятым.
Но сейчас мы улучшаем нашу функциональность, добавляем новые технологии для того, чтобы наш результат работы - карты, мгновенные операции - работали бесперебойно и поддерживались пользователями.
По-моему мнению, сейчас наша главная задача усовершенствовать нас как криптовалюту, попутно развивая другие стороны. Люди, которые посещают наш веб-сайт, должны видеть нас здесь и сейчас - со SmartNodes, SmartRewards и списком пулов. У нас будет интересное и захватывающее будущее, в котором, безусловно, будет время для изменений :slight_smile:

Простите, что не на английском ответила. :sweat_smile:


I helped found which was one of the first ecommerce platforms to help merchants accept bitcoin via BitPay and later through Coinbase as well. We pushed it a lot. We blogged about it. We emailed about it. We failed.

Merchants don’t want to offer payment options unless their customers are demanding it and they are losing business without it. It may be too early to push the merchant / payment side of things until it’s impressive enough to be taken seriously and customers start demanding it of the merchants that use most.

I’d love to see it, I’m not just not sure if the world is ready for it yet. It could also be a chicken and egg problem where if we don’t promote it now (even if we are “too early”) then it may not happen for quite some time.


Great, I now see what I wanted to see - opinions and feedback. You are right about the current state of our developments - it’s ongoing. I get the point. We don’t have enough integration solutions to brag about. Yet we may think of adding at least a little chapter in Resources tab about using SmartCash as a payment method.

We support SmartCash and we see potential in it. Some of merchants would like to accept it as a payment method maybe just to accumulate some Smarts. Currently they literally have to search through forums, find devs somewhere in order to seek available options for integrations. Not everyone is talkative, and it’s better not to loose any merchant.

We have 25+ merchants accepting SmartCash already. (SmartCash merchant directory) It may look small, yet it adds to SmartCash attractiveness.

If most people think that it’s not the time for such categories to appear on main page, then let’s keep on going.


We had just add Merchants in website


This is a great start, @hoangton! Thank you for your work!


I am from Brazil.
Here there are many companies accept cryptocurrency.
People are waking up.
I see that more marketing is necessary.
I am working on a project that will help to solve this.
It will be release soon.