Website French Translation Proposal


French website translation project


$1 249,75 (20 829,16 SmartCash as of original post date rate of 0,06)…


2 weeks after being approved + 6 months of follow-up.

Total hours expected to complete the project:

20 hours for the initial translations.

Proposal goal:

With an estimated 274 million total speakers, French is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Translating the website in French would allow us to reach them more easily.
Yes, it could be argued that English generally serves as a lingua franca, so why bother? But why do we also have a Spanish, a Russian, a German, a Dutch and a Greek version of the site? First, not everyone speaks English. Second, you don’t translate for practical reasons only. It is also about branding. It expresses a little something about SmartCash’s identity. Whereas a poor translation expresses neglect or even disregard, a good one is a sign of trustworthiness. It says: “welcome, feel at home!”.

Who are we?

We are both French native speakers.

Cknr7 studied in Paris and has a master degree in finance and management. After graduating from university, he established his own business in app development. He then left to travel and work for one year in Australia and one year in New Zealand. He got most of his English skills during this time. Back home he established an eco-friendly restaurant. He discovered SmartCash last October and after making some researches he decided to be part of the project and make it grow. He truly believes that great things can be achieved with SmartCash and that the only thing that is needed is the will of the community. He is part of the SmartCash team on Steemit where he has published 3 translated articles:
-La team SmartCash officiellement lancée sur Steemit - Soyez recompensés pour vos publications en Smart ,
-SmartCash - Solutions mises en place aux problèmes liés à Zerocoin ,
-Invitation de SmartCash à New York pour le sommet de la blockchain humanitaire organisé par l’ONU

Karl has been a translator/interpreter for more than 10 years (English->French, Czech; French<->Czech). He has translated booklets, websites, apps, contracts… but also worked on movie sets, film festivals and vernissages. He is currently studying for a PhD in Law & Bioethics in Paris. After delving into the world of cryptocurrencies and discovering its potential, he stumbled upon SmartCash last September. It’s features quickly led it to become one of his favourite coins.

Proposal description:

We thought of using Gedit or TextWrangler to deliver html files to the devs, but after asking @alexander, we will be using Word/Librewriter. After finishing the translation, Karl will proofread it and harmonize it. Two weeks will be enough to get the job done. We will provide a follow-up during 6 months after the completion of the website translation. After discussing it in the pre-proposal thread, we’ve also decided that the authors of the translated guides should receive a little SmartCash tip.

-Website translation:

For counting words we used the free words counter website that you can find here : 652 words 966 words 176 words 617 words 199 words 520 words (Home and Getting Started pages) 896 words 203 words

Word count = 4 229

-Guide translations (if the authors agree):

@SirBond 's "How to import privatekey from webwallet to windows wallet” guide, @slpin 's “SmartRewards consolidation guide”, @hockleyj’s “SmartCash Mining on Pool - A visual guide on how to set it up” guide.

Word count = 1 560 words


All future website modifications. If you’d like us to translate other guides too, we could do it as a part of the follow-up, or let other people do it. If you’d like to us to continue after the 6 months period, we could put it to a vote.

Original author tip:

This small tip aims to incentivize the creation original content as well as motivate authors to allow translations. Following @hockleyj comment, we will not tip Hive crew members for their articles.

Cost breakdown:


-$0,1 per word (the market price ranges from $0,09 to $0,12)
-$1/100 words for proofreading (which also corresponds to the market prices)

-Website translation: 4 229 words
-Guide translation: 1 560 words

Translation: 5 789 * 0,1$ = $578,9
Proofreading: 5 789 / 100 *1$ = $57,89
Total cost: $636,79

1 SmartCash = 0,06$ (as of original post date rate)
636 / 0,06 = 10 600 SmartCash


$600 (10 000 SmartCash as of original post date rate of 0,06) distributed only after new website translations and based on the same rate as the original translation, i.e. $0,1/word for translating and $1/100 words for proofreading. Every time a new translation is done, a detailed breakdown will be posted.

Original author tip:

25% of the guide translation cost.
@SirBond’s guide contains 535 words. 535 * 0.1 = 53.5.
53.5*25/100 = $13.37 (222.9 SmartCash as of original post date rate of 0.06)

The tokens will be sent to the author(s) of translated guides by either Cknr7 or myself. A snapshot of the transaction will be taken and posted in the proposal thread. To that end, could @SirBond either post his public address in this thread or pm me?

Total cost:

$1 249,37 (20 829,16 SmartCash as of original post date rate of 0,06).

Finally, we would like to specify that if @God’s Organising multilingual translation process proposal is approved, we will work within it’s framework.

So people, what do you say? Would you vote for our proposal? If you’d want us to specify anything, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Portuguese Brazil translation project
French website translation project

I’ve edited the proposal so it corresponds to the to be-voted-proposal form, which must be in $.

For the same reason, we’ve decide to change the Original Author Tip from a fixed 200 SmartCash tip to a percentile base. Authors will receive 25% of the guide translation cost.


We are happy to announce our proposal is now live!

:grin: !

You can vote and support the proposal here:


You’ve already received my vote :wink:


Thanks! I’ve yet to vote for your proposal, I will just after I buy a few more Smarts.


We are happy to announce that our proposal was accepted. We will get down to work tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who voted “yes”!




Please reach out to me on either slack or discord and we can go to the next step.


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