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bitcoin $5000 :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m curious is it too late to get an Early Adopter badge? I looked over at that General chat but didn’t see a place to post? Can a brotha get some help? :slight_smile:


Hi Guys, I am new to smartcash. I want create a smartcash account. How do i do it? Plz help me?


Hi @sumanmartha

If you’re new to the crypto world, the easiest will be to sign up on our web wallet.

You can also download a local wallet from our frontpage, but it’s a bit more technical to do.


@ccodam, I tried with webwallet and downloading smartcash.dmg. not succeeded to login/create smart cash. I cannot login to web wallet. When i am using application on my mac it is giving error like " Cannot recognise developer"


Hi, I started using your web wallet a few days ago. One thing I’ve noticed is that it hangs up frequently (says “processing your request” for a long time). I find that sometimes I have to logout and then login again in order see everything. This is happening on both Safari and Chrome, so guessing it’s not a browser issue. I know it’s still in beta mode, but just wanted to report this. Thanks.


good morning guys, I am a new user and gonna know how ca I use this page and your wallet.


my team want a propose and show our works with smartcash in venezuela and latinoamerica , we hope we can work together