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Good Afternoon everyone!

We’ve been looking for a way to gamify the forums a bit and encourage usage to create a more vibrant, interactive and interconnected community, which has got us thinking, why not directly reward the active forum members and get everyone an initial forum welcome gift?

So I’m sure you’ve noticed that we can’t just hand out SmartCash to everyone and their mother because bots and what not, thus we always need to have some sort of human interaction factor in these giveaways, and this will be no different.

Anyways, lets get to the good stuff!

The 200 SmartCash Forums Welcome Gift Giveaway:


  • Must fill out your ‘SmartCash Address’ in your forum profile.
  • Must add a forum avatar photo.
  • Must fill out the below 3 questions and post the answer in this thread!
  • 1 Reward Per IP - sorry we have to do this because robots…

Simple enough right?

Now for the questions:

  1. How did you find out about SmartCash?
  2. What is your favorite ‘part’ of SmartCash?
  3. Where or How do you think SmartCash can help change the world?

Thanks for playing everyone! Looking forward to the insanely good responses.

Oh and top secret prizes may happen for those who write some very good responses, just saying.


1.) I will be honest. I was mining “Hush” on my desktop and had just set-up my steemit account couple of weeks back and was looking for something interesting to post there, but couldn’t find anything . Also, I am new to crypto-currency space and I love to explore. It was at around 2:00 am at night i was going through the list of all the top 200 coins on CoinMarketList and was looking at their stats and features one by one. On that list @ Coinmarketcap i saw the logo of SmartCash and on a miniature level it appeared like a Zcash’s symbol to me ( or may be I was high … lol), which had me curious and after that it is all history. I went to the website and got hooked-up with its idea from the very get go and started exploring more about SmartHive. While exploring SmartHive, I learned that SmartHive is looking for talent, and that is when I tried again on steemit after my first failure (my 1st post had 0 upvote for days) and posted my 2nd blog talking about SmartCash, which was huge success for me. This is how I got to know about SmartCash and I am blessed to be a part of such an awesome forum and community who guides you, appreciates you, corrects you,rewards you and is open and fair to everyone.

2.) My fav. part of SmartCash is that the more I am getting involved, more and more I am believing that the world may actually now have a real chance to be free and decentralized. And this thought is way too addictive. SmartCash believes in fairly rewarding the members who actively and honestly put efforts to grow a strong community and if I can be practical with you all for a moment, then I will tell you SmartCash has supported me during rough start of my new life where I am trying to make a paradigm shift. While growing up I used to hear this phrase a lot “God help those who help themselves” and I used to wonder what does it actually mean ?.. It’s when I look back at the last decade of my life, I now understand what it actually means. I was trying harder and harder to break the cross every threshold set by the society in current economic structure and I realized that the more I was trying harder it was becoming to cross them.I have a hope now that maybe someday I can be really free from the burden and chain of the society and at the same time, I can be a part of something really bigger than itself, something which truly can empower the unbanked and end financial slavery of mankind by central banks and govt. anywhere in the world…

3.) SmartCash’s features makes it one of the most transparent, private, decentralized, highly incentivized crypto-currency at present and these features could potentially end corruption and deploy a new Economic model in the society. SmartCash can provide financial freedom to the unbanked people in the world which can enable them to trade goods and strengthen a healthy community.Smartcash help merchants get rid of highly advanced intermediaries who charges a huge fee for the trade.Anyone who become a part smartcash economy can free themselves from finacial burden or pay for their education by benefitting smartly from smartrewards and then will not have to spent more then half a decade of their life as a slave to the Banks for repayment of their loans.Smartcash can end terrorism because central banks and the govt. are the real terrorists.SmartCash can end wars and bring peace and prosperity on earth.

SmartCash can smash Dash.



1.) I found SmartCash on Steemit, by an article Dencentralizd wrote. i was mining Zencash at the time looking for a early crypto project that had more then transaction and privacy as its its features, and SmartCash had me instantly, was solo mining within 2 hours of reading the article.

2.) My favourite part is Smartrewards, as i love the concept of dividends which i think SmartRewards is closer to then Staking % which is more like savings accounts interest or CD.

3.) i think SmartCash has most of the elements you need in a fullstack banking replacement, the means to acquire the funds, the means to earn the funds, and in the longer term be part of the network, and ultimately use SmartCash to buy goods and services etc.

Please note i use a VPN at the moment it’s set to exit in the Netherlands, due to the idea it reduce latency for Mining, hope this does not cause an issue.


1 infoemation from friends and coinmarketcap.
2 the new coins are popular for digging.
3 Be an agent the international currency of one type.

  1. twitter feed and read an article on medium.
  2. evolution of dash, pivx, monero. incentives to hodl.
  3. combination of Privacy Features, unique Self-Governance and Funding Models.

  1. How did you find out about SmartCash?
    Through a post on steemit from someone I follow @hannahlicious.

  2. What is your favorite ‘part’ of SmartCash?
    SmartReward! It’s a great way to encourage everyone to hold and as a result pump the price up. Genius idea! I’m going to write about smartcash soon on my blog and steem it to my almost 1800 followers :]

  3. Where or How do you think SmartCash can help change the world?
    I think it has the potential to become a good alternative to bitcoin.


How did you find out about SmartCash?
I was browsing on coinmarketcap and essentially looking for an interesting currency with a catchy name. ‘Smart Cash’ sounded interesting to me, and well, .ow I’m here!
What is your favorite ‘part’ of SmartCash?
My favourite part of SmartCash is the SmartHive. It, especially as SmartCash grows, will allow coomunity members to actively particpate in guiding the direction of SmartCash, and overall allows for a tighter-knit community.
Where or How do you think SmartCash can help change the world?
I think that the privacy features, combined with the upcoming instant payment system, will help revolutionize where we can use cryptocurrencies. I see SmartCash being used in many everyday applications, because of the future ability to pay instantly, a feature that most cryptocurrencies lack.

  1. How did you find out about SmartCash?
    A friend told me about smartcash. I did some googling and found more information. I had a good impression on how informative the main website is. Especially comparing to most ICOs.

  2. What is your favorite ‘part’ of SmartCash?
    The part that it implements Zerocoin protocol, and that it is still in the beginning phase with lots of growth potential.

  3. Where or How do you think SmartCash can help change the world?
    I believe that SmartCash can be used in a way to support humanitarian projects. In a way that it utilizes a part of community funding to establish basic infrastructure and improve living conditions of people around the world.

  1. ok so i was on these slack i got banned a few times made some alt accounts. was wanting to learn to trade. any way @bitcoiner in slack from our he was on the first coin i mined so he said he found this cool coin and made profit then i met @ccodam and now its my favorite place to hang.

  2. my favorite part is the community you guys are the nices slack i met . this is my second but you guys are nice people who help me out and not i want to help you guys because your so nice and i want to help you guys. because were in this together.

  3. first we need more services. so the population can get in on this it hast to have a use to the public so i’m learning to code and after im going to make a gambling site. you know Los Veagus its popular because of them. That is the citys only source of income. people like a way to use it.

one we have the services and uses. it gonna go a long way and ill always be there and support you guys.

we just need a way for people to use it then it will go main streem


How did you find out about SmartCash?
On Steemit social media. im searching for new concept of coins, and i found smartcash.

What is your favorite ‘part’ of SmartCash?
Fungible, Fast Transactions and Inclusive. new profitable coins, that helps people.

Where or How do you think SmartCash can help change the world?

Smart Cash is Better than any centralized bank in the world, that heps people to live better. Creating a viable, fungible, fast, merchant oriented, user friendly and community driven cryptocurrency with a decentralized governance system.
People should be able to use cryptocurrency as means to pay for their daily needs. InstantPay makes that a reality and allows for transactions to happen instantly, even faster than using your Visa or Mastercard.

  1. @Decentralizd
  2. & 3. answered in this article:


Hey!! I got excited. Here’s mine:

  1. I discovered Smartcash on Steemit; the user ‘cryptoinvestor’ gives altcoin market updates in a blog, and announces launches of new tokens. It immediately brought me to @Decentralizd 's posts. One google search later I was on Smartcash.cc!

  2. By far the most important part to me is the significance of user voting and the concept of Hive Teams. Having a truly decentralized currency means that the actual users (shareholders, if you will) of the currency can actually have a say in the development and success of Smartcash. This SmartHive system, coupled with voting rights (1 vote per SMART) Allows for TRULY decentralized currency; not the facade many ICOs tout.

While I don’t think i’ll be as much of a contributor as I would like to, It makes me really feel like I want to hang onto my SMART and not cash out; because I will be allowed to influence the progression of the currency. Like, I can’t stop saying ‘OUR’ currency. And that makes me feel kinda cool, honestly.

  1. A lot of ICOs tout the word ‘decentralized’; at first you would look at my response to #2 and say; “What’s stopping a small group from pooling their SMART and massively controlling the vote?” I thought about it for a little bit; obviously so did the Smartcash dev team. A lot. By allocating only 20% of the total supply of SMART to mining/interest (our current phase, notice how I said ‘OUR’), no small group of people will be able to purchase the ‘votes’ (majority shareholding) because the remaining 80% of SMART is allocated solely to SmartHives (User-led teams, awesome choice) which creates a largely diverse set of groups that have voting power in an even larger diversity of industries. The SMART development team will be a set of SmartHives. Miners will have a user-led group. Etc…

A food chain could invest heavily into the community; promoting and investing will allow them to become a SmartHive; perhaps voting towards more readily accepting and processing SMART transactions. An avionics team could become a SmartHive; operating and working to include instant transfer, wireless transactions to the supply chain. Suppliers would not only get the SMART, but a chance to hold it and become heard; influencing it further. Uh oh, this just got big. Heck; the hypothetical avionics company could partner with the food chain, pooling their votes, seeking connections with airlines, etc…

The result (i’m thinking out loud): One day, you might end up hungry while on a flight; and here comes the attendant down the aisle. Oh, hey; you just swiped your phone and paid for a burger with SMARTCASH. INSTANTLY. Oh, more importantly: the stewardess is a shareholder. Now THAT’S decentralized.

OK, i’m a bit of a dreamer; but hey, everything that is successful was dreamed. Now… imagine what thousands of people can dream up collaboratively!


How did you find out about SmartCash?
On July 10th, @Decentralizd DM’ed me on the PIVX Slack and said “smartcash.cc launches at 11am central tomorrow, wallets can be downloaded right now just fyi”. I tried looking for the announcement thread on bitcointalk.org but couldn’t find it, and the rest is history - like joining the Slack when there were like a dozen members haha, solo mining with GPUs, trading on the very first exchange integration stocks.exchange, watching everything fall into place, fun times!

What is your favorite ‘part’ of SmartCash?
Fungibility and privacy through Renew is great (hopefully this gets renamed SmartRenew because Smart-everything.) SmartRewards will help with price stabilization by rewarding hodling.

Where or How do you think SmartCash can help change the world?
Fast and private coin for everyday transactions and more.

  1. from this article posted on r/cryptocurrency

  2. It nicely ties privacy, governance and cryptocurrency together. It has masternodes, and budget to spend so all potential bottlenecks of development are solved early.

  3. Private and scalable cryptocurrency has a chance to become mainstream. That means, no more boom and bust cycles, no more cronyism and true prosperity can be brought to the people.


1.I found out about SmartCash from @Decentralizd a friend of mine. he kept telling us over and over again about how amazing this new coin was going to be and what got me most interested in was the non ico part!!! think this is like the first coin in a long time to not have a ICO!

  1. The best part of SmartCash it that the same as above that it was not a ICO. also the simplicity of how to mine it also got me very hooked on mining and learning how to mine which I’m still noob at. but that also bring me to my second if not first favorite thing about SmartCash is the communities that it already has! any time I have had a problem, a question, or just random talks theres always someone there to lend a hand! If your not on the slack get there now!

3.just as the front page of the site says. we need to build and have a decentralized system that can’t be altered or manipulated, a system that doesn’t actually feed off the very people that feed it but rewards and gives back to the communities which in its self will bring up peoples lives for the better.any where people are bound by a injust and fair system.


Hello sir.

How did you find out about SmartCash?

  • I found Smartcash from Facebook Community
    What is your favorite ‘part’ of SmartCash?
  • New coins and good growth up
    Where or How do you think SmartCash can help change the world?
  • New generation of currency


1 你是怎么知道SmartCash的?


2 SmartCash最喜欢的部分是什么?

SmartCash是一个以社区为中心的隐私安全性,社区和发展是第一个。80%的的块报酬 已分配给基金 SmartHive社区的建议以及蜂巢队。剩余块奖励的20%已分配给采矿(5%)和SmartRewards(15%)。

3 SmartCash可以帮助您改变世界吗?


  1. Found it in steemit I’m not a robot only my avatar is.
  2. What I love about SmartCash is this is new anything new has an endless possibilities aside from having a cool name. Just like smart people has SmartCash
    3.SmartCash can help the world by giving faster and more secure transactions with endless possibilities. If SmartCash tap the Asian market and big exchanges it will be better than Neo.

  1. How did you find out about SmartCash?
    I found out about SmartCash via @Decentralizd on Steemit. He does some great work promoting SmartCash! :smiley:

  2. What is your favorite ‘part’ of SmartCash?
    I like how it empowers its own community instead of the people that happen to buy or be able to mine the most of it. I also like the anonymity aspect of it. That’s one of the major requirements for cryptocurrency in my opinion! :slight_smile:

  3. Where or How do you think SmartCash can help change the world?
    I think SmartCash can really make a difference on the community level. I believe that individuals and communities should be able to determine their own financial future, instead of being forced to be dependent on a central bank, for example. To me SmartCash seems to be a solution that can easily be implemented and therefore I think it holds great potential. Taking action is the best way to move forward and SmartCash is one of those solutions!


1.) I was looking around on what to mine after some error when i was mining ETH… Then my brother told me about SmartCash… I did some research and felt it would works someday… That’s where I begin to get into SmartCash… Early stage is always beneficial…

2.) For now it would be the SmartReward… Although it’s just the beginning, i believe it would be great someday… The community is great as well, to bring the project further… Looking forward for SmartNodes and other products… It would definitely boost up SmartCash…

3.) When it comes to community driven projects, there are chances that it would succeed… Especially with the members being positive and hard working like the developers… As long as they keep up the good work, I’m 100% sure SmartCash will be in the top 10 in CMC…