What Is SmartCash - Digital Currency Overview (YouTube Video)


Good day everyone, not too long ago, I decided to do a video about SmartCash. In the video, I conducted a quick overview of what SmartCash is.

I believe this currency has a great potential and is underrated at the moment. I understand there are changes coming up soon and maybe delays, but I am sure it is worth the wait.

I noticed there were not a lot of videos about SmartCash recently, that’s why I decided to do one (my way of being involved in Digital Cash adoption)

Furthermore, looking to do more videos in the near future, especially if anyone would like to share their experience using it etc…people in Brazil maybe? I would like to conduct an interview or something. If you would be interested in doing that, let me know!

and by the way I am in Victoria, Canada at the moment (Je parle Francais aussi)

Here is the link to watch it. Share with your friends as well :smile: