What is your Mining Hash rate?


I have a Asus GTX 1060 6GB, stock I’m running at 410mh/s. I also have a GTX 580 running at 70mh/s. No optimisation, all default parameter.


With Gigabyte GTX 1060 Mini ITX OC 3G: 413 in stock.


Zotac 1070 - 750 per card at 110 Watt Power


Dual Sapphire 7950’s I get around 298mh/s per card, both together just shy of 600mh/s. I’m looking to upgrade my cards to GTX 1070 Ti. Just need some cash to make the purchase. :slight_smile:


With ccminer v2.2.3 I’m now running at 540mh/s with my Asus dual GTX 1060 6GB.


Hi All,

Currently running 5x Gtx 970 at around 315-350 MH/s… with no tweeking using ccminer.

I also have an AMD Rx460 in my main pc, but tried Sgminer or CCminer and the top i get is 1.8MH/S Is that normal? I guessing Smart is better served with Nvidia.

By the way, how do you go about tweaking the intensity in ccminer as mentionned in previous post?

Thanks :slight_smile:


1.8 MH/s seems extremely low for a RX 460. I am assuming it should at least do around 150MH/S. My 750 TI’s does 130-145 MH/S overclocked.

If anybody is wondering about how the RX480/580 performs: I tried it at my friends house and he was getting around 270-295 MH/S per card, no overclocking.


295MHs - SAPPHIRE 8GB 390X
~200W over idle


Anyone used 1070ti for mining?What h/s do you get out of it? Cheers


I have a few 1070 TI’s but I forgot what the stock hashrate was. Mines are currently overclocked at 250+ and 90-95% power level. Each card is doing an average of 885-895 MH. Not quite the equivalent to a 1080.


using sgminer:
1060 3GB EVGA SC: ~390 h/s

same card, mildly overclocked, 434 h/s

using ccminer klaus: ~460 h/s

Updating the list from above with the new info added:

1080 ti - 1286
1080 - 950
1070 ti - 885
1070 - 710
1060 6gb - 430
1060 3gb - 390, 468 OC
980 ti - 860

Show here Your Mining Hash Rate

Update: Had some off time to mess around. I switched over to CCminer x 64 T 2.2.4

100% TDP 235+ core overclocked


Anyone has experience what would be the average hash rate with 2GB NVIDIA GT710
or GTX 1050ti?


Just setup my first mining rig with a RX580 8GB so I am somewhat new to this. I’m running SG Miner 5.3.4 and getting aroung 320 MH/S but only getting 2-4 smart/day. How many Smart can I expect with this card? Seems very low at what I am getting now compared to other cards.



Tobietaca, the difficultly rate has gone up quite a bit in the past 2 weeks for everyone because of Nicehash pooling.

To be honest with you, even if the difficult rate wasn’t so high you are still better off mining Ethash/Equihash /w bio mod for maximum profit and then buying smarts with it.


I get 750 from my 1070s and 930 from my 1070Tis.

The secret is Alexis keccak ccminer.

Also core +150, memory -500


Discord has a great #mining channel: https://discord.gg/Zv8WsC


@Tesla, Smartcash mining is more profitable than ETH. ETH difficulty has also been going up by a big amount.


When I said Eth, I meant Ethash and I respectfully disagree. I am definitely making more money off other coins based on Eth/Ethash algos. I also own 1070 tis and I am making anywhere from .30 cents to 1 dollar per GPU more. per day off them. That’s a lot and it adds up!

And in the OP’s example, he’s using a Rx580 that’s doing 320 mh. Let’s say he’s mining 4 coins per day which is unlikely and more like 2.5-3. At the current prices he’s earning around $2.60 and if he sold them off at 75 cents that equals $3 per day. A RX 580 bio modded with do 29-30 MH -Ethhash-$3.30-3.40 per day at the given prices.


I have nvidea 1050 ti and hash rate is around 255 MS/s. it is around 1,8 smart per day.