Whats up with the Team Smartcash on Steemit Initiatives?


Really don’t know whats going on or what went wrong, its been 23 days since the smartcash steemit account has been updated with the recent happenings/newcomers/news/winners etc, and also no your “week in smartcash” anymore.
We on steemit has been kept in the dark or so cause we really don’t know if any new plans has metamorphose, cause everything on steemit looks slow this days and lukewarm - if any one has any idea of what might have changed or what’s up, kindly let us all know in the comment box.
my only guess might be that the proposal has been put to a halt.
but if it has in any way - it was a good proposal and have see many great contents of smartcash put out, it has also gone from tipping to some family type of stuffs.


The team member who was running that is focusing on their studies instead now; we are discussing if this is something to continue promoting.

In the meantime, please consider also looking at https://minds.com/ as a platform to publish content.


thanks for the update, yeah i have registered minds, looks promising and with the looks, same name on minds @marshalllife :v: