Where Will Smart Cash Be in Five Years?


I’m a excited about joining a new community that is dedicated to building a new crypto which is going to deepen the financial freedom all cryptos are seeking. I should be very glad if we could discuss the above, and commit ourselves the vision we set forth. I salute!


Five years is a lifetime in the crypto world. Our goal is to take over the world of course. :smiley: Hopefully a large percentage of the world’s population will be using Smartcash in five years time.


if its above 10$ in 5 years then you are doing well based on the growth in breadth of the altcoin market.

the critical thing is making the right moves from an adoption context.

choosing the right exchanges early in the game is important as exchanges like cryptopia are were pump and dumps are more prone, unlike bittrex, though they have very different requirements in order to get on their exchanges.

2nd is mobile wallets, alot of the time its better to get into a renown wallet like jaxx.io etc compared to having your own mobile wallet, but having a mobile wallet is better then not having one etc.

before the mobile wallet though you need pool support from the likes of yimp, flypool and suprnova.cc


We’re already talking to some exchanges. Right now it’s more difficult to get added on some of the popular ones since they’ve seen a huge increase in the number of users and they can’t even handle their current load. Most exchanges have big backlog of support cases and they’re understaffed. They are somewhat reluctant to add new coins until they get things under control.


i would be thinking shapeshift and chagelly support early on as they are a pseudo exchange allowing people to flow from one currency to another Smartcash, the critical part is getting people into smartcash from known reputable angles, not ones that need to many seperate accounts, as that adds to the barrier of entry.

I am from Australia, until July of this year we were taxed twice on BTC, now its just once as GST. but no one here likes the large AUD to BTC fee that all our fiat to btc exchanges charge, so alot us downunder mine ETC, ETC, DASH etc and sell via exchanges or shapeshift to get into Alt coins, anyone that can minimise the hurdles from AUD or USD into an Altcoin is on a winning path.


I see. That’s interesting. I didn’t know there was so much friction getting from Aussie fiat into cryptocurrencies.

We’ll have to get on some high volume exchanges first before we get on Shapeshift or Changelly. I believe Shapeshift is using high volume exchanges via trading bots so we’d have to first get on more known exchanges. All in good time. :slight_smile: We’ll get there.


I think SmartCash will take on projects and move forward slowly if it can create TRUST in the cryptocurrency community over-all.


In the land of Oz we think our little cousin New Zealand is sort of like how America see’s Canada. so its sad that they have a decent exchange Cryptopia with both USDT and there own Tether NZDT, and Australia is like NFG, all we have are expensive AUD -> BTC gateways like Coinjar, etc, at best we offer ETH, DASH LTC gateways, but no full exchange. It was only until July of 2017 that we stoped paying GST twice on AUD to BTC transactions etc.


We will be listed in top 25 currencies @ CoinMarketCap data.


In 5 years, we should be the most traded coin, with a massive adoption globally.


As my opinion smartcash will Go to the Moon :slight_smile:


In Five years. I hope @JuicyG will hire bunch of guys instructing Smart Users to use Slack Room properly.

Apart from price prediction, I would prefer we have a dedicated 24/7 Customer Care support and registered SmartCash Charity community in few countries.


Take your pick of planets beyond Mars.


The speed smartcash growth,it will reach $1 within Jan 2018. l hope in 5 years it will be above $50


If that happens, then i will build several houses in my village and call it SMART homes. Painted in Black&yellow.
LOL. Slow and steady…


this is looking like more of a possibility here in the last few days


Now it’s looking like it could be at a dollar sometime in the near futur. Especially if instacash happens soon.


My predictions on the value of SmartCash if the community aggressively promotes and incentivizes the currency.

About $1 by the end of 2018

My prediction for next months SmartRewards 10% - 15% or roughly 12.3%


No more like 6-5 first was 400 then 40 then 25 now its 13 for this month


My prediction after the smart rewards of 25% was payedout on the 28th of Oct is that the next month’s payout will be roughly 10 to 15%, the reason for this range (rather than a precise number) is because if there are debacles like last month, where people pull out last minute, the amount the faithful holding will shrink. Something like 975 people qualified near the very end, but I think a lot of people pulled out last minute and the number dropped by 50 to around 925. I’m going on my foggy memory, so don’t quote me on these numbers.

The other thing which was really interesting was the mad dash everyone was making at the last minute to buy as much SmartCash currency as possible for next months rewards. I learned a very important lesson with cryptocurrency: Do not wait until the last minute, because any unforseen factor can occur, like cryptopia being unable to transfer the money. People were bugging out over this delay and missed the snapshot.

October SmartCash Lesson: Buy SmartCash early and buy as much as you can well before the snapshot, well before the runup on the currency before the snapshot, so u can get in (hopefully) on a decent price.