Why did my node payout drop so much after the Mandatory wallet upgrade


Is it a race to start another line after the upgrade? Just trying to figure out how this reset works…


answer my own question.

New SmartNode Payment Model

SmartNodes will now get paid more frequently. Starting with Block 545005, SmartNodes will be paid at a rate of 10 nodes every even block. SmartNode payments will be fully validated and agreed on by the network, and properly removed from the payment queue upon payment. The share of block rewards paid to nodes will not change, and each node payment will be approximately 2% of the block reward based on the faster payment cycle.

Remember: during this network upgrade process payments will be more random until the payment structure changes at block 545005, around July 7th.

Starting on July 7th, average time between node payments will be approximately two days (based on the current node count).

Grace period for SmartNode downtime is now two hours instead of one hour.

Wait time for newly created nodes has been reduced to approximately two days (one payout cycle).

Note: If you are running a SmartNode on a 512MB RAM server you will need to upgrade that server to 1GB of memory!


Yeah, faster but smaller payments. Works out better.