Winners of the SmartCash Anniversary Community Contest


Congratulations to our winners of the SmartCash Anniversary Community Contest!

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Graphics Contest:

Unfortunately there was no graphic standing out among all entries. In order to appreciate your effort, we decided to reward all entries with participation awards!

All winners will be contacted and as soon as we have all addresses together the prizes will be paid.

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It was a pleasure to read all the entries and I hope that many of you will continue to be a SmartCash ambassador by creating this sort useful content!


(FINISHED) SmartCash Anniversary Community Contest
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Oh wow, that is so awesome. Thank you very much, Team SmartCash. It is a lot of fun to create content for this interesting project. The SmartBee was a great experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to be an early adopter of SMART. Hopefully much more to come!


Ever since i have got to know smartcash, its been fun all through - New experience and so much more,an interesting journey so far, the team smartcash promises and deliver, the community always supports and stay strong :muscle: always focus and i know oneday the world currency will fall at smartcash feets :smiley:.
Congratulations everyone (the future has a lot to offer)


Hello!!! Thanks. I am very happy to be among the winners. there is a story that is being written and we are participating in it.


Hey! hello smart people, too bad that my entry didnt get anywere, hope more contest apears in the future, being honest this got my atention “we decided to reward all entries with participation awards!” I didnt get any reward tho, I know this coment sounds greedy but thats the way it is, can you tell me what happened? CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS. :sparkling_heart: