Withdraw SMART from Stocks.exchange - 7 days never arrived



I read a lot of topics about this, but still would like to raise again for my own.
I withdraw 5k SMART From stocks.exchange from 11 Jan and I didn’t get my SMART in SMART wallet

my SMART wallet updated to newest version 1.1.0

stocks.exchange status: FINISHED with txID: 80c96fe2281c94ff53abb51dc6223adf2a950336efbc55fdec40809b291cde38

But I cannot found my wallet address, or txID on explorer.smartcash.cc

Is there any solution yet?



when you do this transaction exchange not updated to latest wallet version so it run in wrong chain

their transactions will be rebroadcasted once exchanges are done upgrading their wallets


Thank you.
Just one more thing, My friend received smart yesterday from Coin Exchange, but me from Stock Exchange.

Do you have update plan of Stocks Exchange.



We will update in #announcement channel in Discord http://discord.smartcash.cc