Workers Stats & (low) balances / payouts in new official US Pool


Hi :sunglasses:, I registered and mine in official US pool Using Claymore Dual ETH + SMART @ +600MH/s on SMART… I’m worried about payments not been as much as expected. it is about 30 ~ 50 % While my testing phase. Whatever you are a math fan or not, I have a question for all of you:

are you thinking what I’m Thinking? anyone could help me to understand this?

There is some Facts and Data… :nerd_face:

what to mine at this time is reporting:

Dificulty (7 days mean value) aprox. 200K
Block reward aprox 76.6 SMART
Smart Reward/ mining day > 4 Smart

obviously all this numbers are mean values calculated and not actual values.

in the pool WEB UI there is some missing values in order to validate / compare to those referencial values:

Balances (Pending & Paid) don´t shows the (SMARTS) units, so it was confusing until verified paid amount in wallet. but it´s a MUST HAVE.

Difficulty is shown as a Worker Stat, it is ok, but it should be in TAB Stats or global Stats (Upper Right). It Shows a Value > 4.000K (aprox. 20 X actual difficulty)

last mined Block, last paid block reward, last confirmed block, working Block, last block reward, last block difficulty not shown in the pool info, there is no block info in the pool… and the re is no link to the official SMARTExplorer

at the explorer we have some of this missing Info and much more (real time SMART Price in US$ and details for each block, including Height, Difficulty, Confirmations and rewards)

last Block was near 470000
reward for most blocks was 1532 (100% rewards, only 5% is for miners)
so reward (for miners) is 76.6 SMART as reported by Whattomine
difficulty (for last block) was around 200K again as reported by whattomine, but…
not as reported by the pool. (the pool is reporting 20X more difficulty, maybe it’s is again an issue for 5% for miners)

as seen in this post @dustinface says

block reward = 5000*143500/(block Height) = 1532 SMARTS So it’s OK, but it’s 1532 X 5% for miners.

and … for make some calculations and compare to whattomine its necesary the mean time to mine block.

it seem it is 55 seconds as reported by this site

and after some math, Whattomine has good stimated values! but I´m having 33% in luck (and Money)?