Zerocoin Vulenerablity


The SmartCash community on telegram is confused on the recent tweet by @scashofficial which stated “We are aware of a Zerocoin exploit affecting SmartCash and other Zerocoin based coins. The 1.1 release, containing the SmartNode code has already been deployed on testnet. A public release will follow later today. Exchanges are expected halt trading during this upgrade.”

The community is wondering what this means for SmartCash. PIVX has already addressed the issue and fixed the problem last year. It would be nice if a developer would provide more information. Is the fix the 1.1 release?

Thank you.


It will fixed in v1.1 release


Hello. When v1.1 will be released and when trading on cryptopia will be resumed ?
This silence from founders after such big and negative event is really have a bad effect on the trust in the project


I don’t know if you are on the SmartCash Discord but here is the last statement from @JuicyG (04.00 am UTC):

“The 1.1 release will go out shortly. The new version will fix the Zerocoin related security issue. Our communication will be limited until the fix has been applied. We can’t share too much information since it could compromise what we’re doing. Trading, deposits/withdrawals will be unavailable for a few days. It will take some time for all exchanges to update to 1.1. Some will do it faster than others. That part is out of our control. Our 1.1 release will contain the SmartNode code everyone’s been waiting for.”


We are hard at work and have released a few announcements during this time.


perspective: abandon zerocoin protocol. That is a total fraud–touted to be a workable privacy solution–but unlimited undetected inflation can be created.